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    Ride with us wherever there’s a Rapha Clubhouse thanks to our partnership with Canyon Bicycles – and let us lend you a Wahoo so you won’t ever get lost. RCC members can hire a Canyon from any Clubhouse. We only charge a small fee to cover the cost of maintaining the hire fleet, and with every rental we will loan you a Wahoo ELEMNT for free. Canyon models and sizes are subject to availability, but we will try to keep you riding road while you are on the road!

    Speak to your local Chapter Coordinator for more details.

    Book a Canyon bike Book a Wahoo Elemnt

    Please note that there are a few requirements to hire:

    • How do I book an RCC bike?

      You can book RCC bikes for any Clubhouse via our online system. You can view in real time what bikes are available across all locations. At the time of payment, you'll be asked to read and sign the waiver and terms and conditions.

    • When do I pay for the bike hire service?

      The RCC charges a small fee to members hiring bikes. The payment is due at the Clubhouse at collection. The daily fees are charge in the local currency. The daily fee per bike is: £15 / $25 / €20 / A$30 / ¥3000 / 25,000 KRW.

    • For how long can I hire a bike?

      Our maximum hire period is three days.

    • What do I need to bring when I pick up my bike?

      The RCC bike hire service includes the bike only. As most riders have strong personal preferences for cleated pedals, shoes and helmets, we ask members to provide their own at collection to ensure their safety and comfort. You won’t be able to hire the bike without these accessories.

      We also recommend that you bring the following: lights, tyre levers, pump, multi-tool, bidons, riding clothes and your GPS device.

    • How much notice does a coordinator need for bike bookings?

      Bookings must be made at least three days in advance. At times of high demand, try to book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

    • May I reserve a bike in my own chapter?

      Yes, you can hire a bike in your own chapter. You can view in real time what bikes are available across all locations. At the time of payment, you'll be asked to read and sign the waiver and terms and conditions.

    • Which size bike should I choose?

      Sizing and fit are highly personal decisions, but the table below offers a good rule of thumb for finding the right size bike. If you have any questions, please contact the RCC team.

    • Can I race on an RCC bike?

      No. Racing on an RCC bike isn’t permitted.

    • Are there any other options if I can’t secure an RCC bike?

      The local coordinator will be able to recommend local bike hire companies, or you could ask your fellow members on the RCC forum.

    • Is there anything else I should know?

      As always, RCC members should follow the rules of the road. Every effort is made to maintain the RCC bikes in working order, but members should test the brakes, tyres and components of the bicycle prior to riding. If something isn’t working, don’t worry about fixing it – instead, contact the coordinator who will arrange for the bike to be fixed by a qualified mechanic. We ask you to not leave an RCC bike unattended, locked or unlocked. Members are responsible for bikes for the entire loan period, and any damage that may occur to the bicycle or themselves.

      RCC bike hire is subject to a daily charge, payable on collection of the bike at the Clubhouse. Charges are in local currency, at a daily rate of GBP15 / USD25 / AUD30 / EUR20 / JPY3000. The maximum hire period is three days.

      Other currencies: CAD 30 / CHF 25 / NOK 200 / TWD 900 / SEK 200 / DKK 160 / KRW 25,000.

    Wahoo Elemnt mounted to Canyon RCC bike
    • How do I book a Wahoo ELEMENT computer?

      You can book an RCC Wahoo ELEMNT from selected Clubhouses via our online system. You can view in real time what devices are available across all locations. At the time of collection, you'll be asked to read and sign the waiver and terms and conditions.

      Click the link at the top of this page to make a booking.

    • Does it cost to hire the device?

      No, there is no charge to hire the device.

    • Do I need to have the Wahoo ELEMNT Companion App on my phone?

      To get the best experience, we recommend using the Wahoo ELEMNT with the companion app on your smartphone.

    • Can I book the Wahoo ELEMNT individually without a bike hire?

      If you hire the device on its own, then we will provide you with a mount to attach to your bike. If you hire the device with one of our bikes, a compatible mount will be fitted.

    • Can I read the waiver and Terms & Conditions that I will sign on collection?

      Please click to read the Waiver and the Terms & Conditions that you will need to sign at the time of collection.

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