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Des sorties groupées sont organisées au départ des Clubhouses Rapha chaque semaine. Que vous soyez un cycliste local ou que vous soyez de passage, venez rouler avec nous.

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Venez prendre part à des événements organisés au Clubhouse : retransmissions de courses live, expositions exclusives, débats, conférences et ateliers.

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Au café du Clubhouse, plongez-vous dans la riche histoire de ce sport que nous adorons autour d'un café, d'un bon snack ou d'un léger repas.

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Tucked away in the Nine Streets district of Amsterdam’s shopping area with its boutiques, restaurants and art galleries, is the Amsterdam Clubhouse. Its location provides an ideal getaway from the shopping crowds for those looking to browse the Rapha range or simply grab a coffee and a bite to eat and catch a race on the big screen.

The Clubhouse also hosts a full calendar of events such as talks and workshops as well as running weekly Clubhouse rides for those interested in developing their cycling and meeting fellow riders.

For other cyclists, Rapha Amsterdam is also the home of the Amsterdam chapter of the Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) and an ideal setting off point to take you around the city by bike or into the neighbouring countryside. The RCC holds regular rides from the Clubhouse and a full programme of events is scheduled through the year.

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    Explore / Mini Biking Adventure

    You work from 9 to 5. Let’s explore and go out from 5 to 9!
    Rapha, Canyon and Bikepacker Bas Rotgans invite you for a Mini Biking Adventure during the week

    Bringing camping stuff on your bike is the best way to ensure that you can stay out longer. Rapha & Canyon together with Bikepacker Bas Rotgans however are convinced that an adventure can also be had around the corner of your hometown and in just a single evening, all you need to bring are matches for a campfire and maybe a hip flask of your favourite single malt.

    We’ll ride from Rapha Clubhouse Amsterdam about 35-50 kilometers to a campsite in the vicinity of Amsterdam over mixed roads and return in the morning for coffees and croissants at the Clubhouse. All doable on a normal road bike, but bikes of all persuasions are welcomed. We have 10 sets of bikepacking kits (bags+sleeping arrangements) available for rent for those who don’t have their own equipment, if you have your own, feel free to bring that along.

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Rapha Cycling Club


Home to the Amsterdam chapter of the Rapha Cycling Club

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The coat of arms of Amsterdam has three crosses at its heart and has been proudly adopted as a symbol of the city. Look closely and you’ll start to see the crosses appear everywhere – from ironwork on the roads, to flags over shopfronts. The emblem for the Amsterdam chapter of the Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) and its Clubhouse, Rapha Amsterdam, displays nine crosses of Saint Andrew in echelon formation.

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