The Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) is split into chapters located around the world. Each chapter has a unique identity and when you join the RCC you choose the chapter geographically applicable to you. Most chapters are affiliated to a Clubhouse, which will become your base for events and rides.


Rapha Clubhouse Amsterdam

Wolvenstraat 10, 1016 EP Amsterdam

020 341 5082



Bike hire available

There’s another side to cycling in Amsterdam, away from the canals and streets of the city centre. The Amsterdam chapter hosts a variety of events and rides appealing to all levels of rider. The chapter offers everything from training rides for those looking to get stronger, to social rides for those who enjoy more relaxed, comfortable riding. The countryside surrounding the city will give you an idea of why this area has produced so many world class cyclists. The land is famously flat but block headwinds will more than compensate for a lack of any real hills. Roads wind through fields of tulips and plenty of windmills, providing a beautiful contrast to the energy of the city. The chapter runs multiple monthly rides on location to cater for those looking to explore the Benelux area. Ride the roads travelled on the Classics - the historic cobbles of Flanders, the hills of the Amstel Gold and Liege Bastogne Liege - or enjoy the quaint villages around the clubhouse in Amsterdam.


Rapha Clubhouse Berlin

Alte Schönhauser Strasse 5, 10119 Berlin-Mitte



Bike hire available

Point your bike in any direction from the centre of Berlin and you will find yourself in Brandenburg, where you are virtually guaranteed great riding. The mostly flat and windy region surrounds the city, offering forest, lakes, valleys and moors of the Barnim Nature Park to the north, the landmark Devil’s Mountain to the west along the Krone cycle route, and open farmland on tree-lined roads beyond Schönefeld airport to the south. There are even a few rolling hills to the east when you venture past the busy Müggelsee and its lido towards Märksiche Schweiz. The Berlin chapter of the Rapha Cycling Club makes the most of the variety of riding available in Brandenburg, weaving out through the galleries, restaurants and shops around the Clubhouse in Mitte on gentle social rides where camaraderie and coffee are the main priorities.


Rapha Clubhouse Boulder

1815 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302, USA



Bike hire available

Enjoying the outdoors is hard-wired into the residents of Boulder. With more than 300 miles of hiking and biking trails surrounding the city and a climate of sunshine and blue skies, it’s a place unique in its harmony of urban and outdoor life. And no matter where you are, you're likely to see cyclists heading out for a spin. To the west towards the iconic Flatirons you'll see local pros rolling up Flagstaff Mountain in the early morning. At mid-day, gravel laps around Boulder Reservoir, just east of town, are a firm favourite. In the evening, a spin along Boulder Creek takes you to quiet Four Mile Canyon where tracks and paths snake through the pines. Perfectly situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder offers residents and visitors instant access to pristine mountain wilderness and vibrant, tasteful places to eat, play, and relax.


Rapha Clubhouse Chicago

1514 N Milwaukee St. Chicago, IL, 60622, USA

Bike hire available

It’s hot and humid in the summer, freezing in the winter and the roads aren’t great but Chicago is still ranked the best US city for cycling. This is largely due to the tracks and trails that run out of the city along the four points of the compass. There is no prospect of being caught in the city’s notorious traffic along the Des Plaines River Trail or along the Chicago Lakefront Trail, spanning 18 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline. Rides with the Chicago chapter of the RCC take in both these spectacular tree-lined routes as well as heading out along the Illinois Prairie Path or opting for rolling hills around Willow Springs and Palos. Early starts ensure any traffic rides do encounter is kept to a minimum.


Rapha Clubhouse Copenhagen

Kristen Bernikows G7, 1105 København K

Bike hire available

The main attraction in Copenhagen - the first Bike City in the world - is not a monument, but its cycling culture, which never ceases to amaze visitors. It was only fitting that the city was chosen to be the first Scandinavian chapter of the RCC. Thanks to the city's 390km of dedicated city cycle lanes you’re soon out of the urban sprawl. The chapter rides out to the west and North of Zealand on quiet country roads, never straying too far from the sea. The lack of elevation is quickly remarked upon but the ever-present wind will make up for it (we check wind conditions before temperatures). This is especially true on the fast training rides on Amager, which go around the coast of the island away from traffic, with the occasional gravel road thrown in when riders venture inland. The abundance of woodland nearby also gives cyclocross-loving members a muddy training ground. Whatever members choose to do, they will always find comfort in a warming coffee back at the Clubhouse, which can be found in the bustling centre of the old city, with its high-end fashion stores, restaurants and cafes.


Rapha Clubhouse Washington D.C.

3210 Grace Street, Washington D.C., 20007




Bike hire available

A low rise skyline and large urban parks lend D.C. a sense of space uncommon for a city of its size. Riding here often doesn’t feel like riding in a city at all. One such slice of open, windy land near the Jefferson Memorial hosts regular lunch rides for the city’s many government workers, whilst the city’s racers test themselves to the south at Hains Point. The daily hammer session around the protected road there sees groups of up to fifty riders with plenty of chapter members among them. When the heat and humidity really crank up during the summer months, the Clubhouse provides the ideal base from which to escape the city. Located in Georgetown, riders are spoilt for choice of routes out of town. The C&O Canal towpath is only a short spin away, leading up the Potomac River and away into Maryland and Virginia beyond. A classic Virginian ride is the 100-mile loop out to Mount Weather, which provides a stiff challenge and the chance to pry into one of the government’s notorious ‘undisclosed locations’. Whether rolling through town or heading out of it, ride with us in the District.

Hong Kong

56 Sai Street, Sheung Wan



Bike hire available

For a small city, Hong Kong packs in plenty of challenges for cyclists, and the Hong Kong chapter of the RCC has risen to all of them. The first, however, is getting out of the densely packed streets and into the hills. This is where you will find The Beast, which averages 9% for nearly four kilometers but ramps up to 25% in sections or the shorter and steeper Old Beast, with broken sections of road and amazing switchbacks. If you’re in the mood for a real test you can tackle the Circle of Death, which takes in every major climb on the island. The chapter’s weekly excursions offer a true test of stamina, as well as the opportunity to drink coffee and the regular night rides have proved extremely popular.


Rapha Clubhouse London

85 Brewer St, London, W1F 9ZN

+44 20 7494 9831

Rapha Clubhouse Spitalfields

61-63 Brushfield Street, London, E1 6AA

+44 20 7426 2000



Bike hire available

London is the oldest of the chapters and also one of the largest. It is also a fluid group, with regular faces joining occasional riders for Wednesday hill sessions and Friday social laps of Regent’s Park. Other rides are run regularly across a wide variety of terrain and disciplines, with members involved in everything from track racing to cyclocross and endurance riding, with rides taking in disused railway tracks, bridleways, and anywhere else that you might be able to ride a bike.

Weekend rides head off in all directions at the weekend to explore the home counties. These rides are very much about the journey and the chat and will usually involve lunch or a cake stop before heading back to town.

There are ample opportunities to find riding companions and members will often initiate their own rides according to the community they meet to ride with. The clubhouses are bustling at the socials on the first Wednesday of the month, when the occasional inspiring guest will drop in.

Los Angeles

Rapha Clubhouse Los Angeles

1347, 4th Street, Santa Monica, 90401

424 272 9402



Bike hire available

Los Angeles boasts yearly sunshine and moderate temperatures making it perfect for cycling with coastal views, varied climbing and world-class riding. Members of the LA chapter enjoy cycling throughout Southern California, from San Diego all the way north to Santa Barbara. Perfect roads surround the city and the heaviest of hitters from the Tour of California, Mount Baldy, leads a litany of excellent climbs, including Deer Creek, Yerba Buena and Angeles Crest. Members host weekly rides around their local roads in addition to the programming via the local chapter co-ordinator. A monthly social event, weekly destination rides, local race participation and supported larger fondos are all staples in the greater Los Angeles community within the chapter. With a Clubhouse destined for the west side of town, members will find themselves at the front door to the Pacific Coast Highway and Santa Monica Mountains.


Rapha Clubhouse Mallorca

Plaça del Rosari 1, 07001 Palma

+34 971724812

Bike hire available

With its near-guaranteed sunshine and almost perfect mountain roads, the reasons for Mallorca’s popularity with cyclists are self-evident. But there is even more to riding on the island than the tree-lined switchbacks of the Tramuntana mountain range and the gloriously challenging Sa Calobra ascent, where you will find the biggest concentration of cyclists and any number of professional teams in the pre-season. Explore a little further and you will find a network of watchtowers dating back to the 1500s when the island was under threat from pirates. Monasteries also feature heavily across Mallorca, their locations atop steep ascents making them a popular destination for riders. The Mallorca chapter of the Rapha Cycling Club runs regular rides across the island while also taking in gravel riding and cyclocross events. If you thought you knew cycling in Mallorca, you’ll discover a whole new side to it with the RCC.


Rapha Clubhouse Manchester

5 St Ann’s Alley, Manchester, M2 7LP

+44 (0)161 834 6748

Bike hire available

The home of British cycling will clearly have a lot to offer cyclists, not least the National Cycling Centre and its velodrome. The Manchester chapter of the RCC is no different, and is involved in the spectrum of cycling disciplines. Join us for some cyclocross action or gentle rides through some of the best and most varied terrain in the world, from rolling hills and quaint villages, to coastal cliffs and rugged mountain climbs. The annual Cappuccino 180 is one of the chapter’s lengthier but better-known rides that covers a 180km loop from the Clubhouse and back. Each winter a training weekend in the Wet and windy Lake District north of Manchester, ensures members are prepped and ready for another year with the chapter in the Rain City.


Rapha Melbourne

32 Guildford Lane, Melbourne, VIC 3000

03 9600 2651



Bike hire available

Melbourne is highly touted as the world's most liveable city. It's also arguably the most rideable. Members of the Melbourne chapter of the RCC are spoilt for choice, with no two rides ever the same. Endless roads snake through the rolling hills to the north of the city, leading you towards the famous Kinglake climb. The Dandenong mountain range to the east is a lush wilderness filled with tall eucalyptus trees and the "wild west" - a flat windswept plain full of gravel roads. Each provide a different challenge for a longer weekend ride. The chapter has grown out of Tuesday and Thursday weekly rides, which members now lead. Both are a must-do ride for those new to Melbourne. With members well-known in the community for their love of riding and racing you'll often see them creating their own rides and sharing their favourite roads with other members. The monthly excursion rides are popular, with only the most adventurous routes taken. Regional Victoria offers a multitude of gravel roads which the Melbourne chapter frequent.



Camaraderie is paramount at the Munich chapter of the RCC, with relaxed rides always involving a big dose of hospitality, with members who are very happy to show international travellers around. The routes the chapter are best known for are mainly to the south of Munich, with rolling terrain and the odd climb through dense forests, the Alps provide the perfect background for almost every ride. There are also many lakes and on more than one occasion jumping in one of them has been seriously considered. The style of the Munich chapter is more about exploring and relaxed social riding, not about competition. Rides will end up with coffee, cold beers in the many beer gardens or even returning back to a member’s home for a barbecue.

New York

Rapha Clubhouse New York

159 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012

+1 212 804 5050



Bike hire available

Cycling in New York has become thought of as congested and manic. The New York chapter of the RCC knows otherwise, however - the story less told is one of the rolling hills north of the city near Piermont and the steep climbs and cider apple trees in Orchards. Secretly, the surrounding countryside is brilliant for riding, just a few miles from one of the most exciting cities on earth. To get there, rides start early, setting off from the Clubhouse at 159 Prince Street in Soho before the city properly wakes up. New York has a time-tested and deep connection to cycling, and when you ride here, gliding through the traffic, you become part of an undercurrent. Weekly rides run from the Clubhouse out of the city and a packed diary of events is held.


Rapha Clubhouse Osaka

1F. 2-6-21 Sonezakishinchi Kita-ku Osaka 530-0002


Bike hire available

To ride around Osaka is to experience the most beautiful scenery in Japan and the most challenging cycling. The chapter has a wide range of ages and abilities and rides are organised for everyone. There are the weird and wonderful IKEA hot laps which have become an Osaka tradition, rides around the monumental Osaka Castle or excursions to Mount Rokko. The pace is usually relaxed, although don’t be surprised if it picks up when the ride reaches the hills or on a mad dash along the traffic-free canals and the river that flows near Rapha Osaka. If you follow the river for 50km you will find yourself at Kyoto-Arashiyama amid temples and shrines. The best bit about riding is eating, and after a long ride the chapter often heads for a ramen in one of the places favoured by locals. Or the chapter will head back to the Clubhouse, where the atmosphere is like stepping into someone’s home. The Osaka chapter is about the experience, the ride, and making friends who turn into family.



The Portland chapter of the RCC is spoilt for choice when it comes to rides, and as you make your way towards Mount Hood along the Columbia River, or through the plains to the forested coastline, you’ll know exactly why the city has become renowned for cycling. The chapter will often meet for coffee in the Pearl District before heading over the mountain where a ride could last anywhere from two to 10 hours without ever repeating a single turn. The Rock Creek loop is just one of the chapter’s classic local routes which takes you up a popular climb to Skyline Boulevard. The super adventurous will travel to the Columbia River Gorge just 30 miles east of portland, where you’ll be greeted with massive waterfalls, rolling roads, and lush, evergreen forests. Weekly rides often stick closer to the city before returning for coffee or occasionally a craft beer from one of the many breweries in the area.

San Francisco

Rapha Clubhouse San Francisco

2198 Filbert (x. Fillmore) San Francisco, CA 94123

+1 415 896 4671



Bike hire available

Everyone knows the Golden Gate Bridge but only after cycling in San Francisco does it become apparent that this is a gate in more than name. For this crossing opens the door to mile upon mile of secluded riding, along forest roads and dirt tracks. The call of this wilderness could be the reason why the San Francisco chapter of the RCC is more about exploring and riding together than competition and Strava segments. The most popular ride is the Stammtisch Ride that ends at the Biergarten, with a focus more on high fives than KOMs. San Francisco was the first US chapter and the emphasis is on experiences, stories, camaraderie and chasing sunrises and sunsets. It is about the wow factor of the ride but it’s also about the dirt, because being at the birthplace of mountain biking, riding the occasional dirt trail on either your road bike or gravel bike is inevitable.


Rapha Clubhouse Seattle

301 E.Pine Seattle, WA 98122

+1 206-420-1810

Bike hire available

For the bike-bound explorer, Seattle is a geographical, cultural, and culinary paradise. It may be the largest metropolis of the Pacific Northwest, but with the Olympic Mountains to the west, the Cascade range to the east, and the majestic volcano, Mount Rainier, to the south, Seattleites enjoy some of the most scenic and challenging riding in the US. The neighborhoods that surround the city are shaped by the Puget Sound, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean that defines the western side of the state, which in turn shapes the roads, trails, and bike paths that trace the water’s edge. Riding in Seattle is varied to say the least, with the possibility of beginning a ride by the sea and ending on a mountain pass. The city is also known as a mecca for craft coffee, beer, and cuisine, and is home to many acclaimed chefs and award-winning watering holes. Combine this with a cyclocross scene to rival Portland, and miles upon miles of bike lanes and protected paths, and Seattle rightfully ranks as a top destination for any discerning cyclist.


Rapha Clubhouse Seoul

534-6 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06028

+82 2 515 2758



Bike hire available

The riding in Seoul can be challenging, especially in winter and members of the Seoul chapter of the RCC are a tough bunch, regularly heading off on deep winter rides along the river. The Han River is what divides the city into the North and South regions, and a 200km flat bicycle path loops around the city. It is a riding experience in itself but also serves as a setting-off point, connecting you to many of the city climbs including Namsan and Jeongneung, or the road less travelled into rural Seoul. The chapter is a true community and many members have started their cycling journey with the chapter. But be warned: Visit and ride with the chapter and you may just become one of the local caffeine-addicted cycling collectors.


A global financial centre with a wonderful tropical climate, the island country of Singapore is a beautifully structured concrete jungle offering a lot in terms of its culture and heritage. The weekly rides held by the Singapore chapter of the RCC are a great opportunity for members to explore the hidden paths on this beautiful island, such as in Sentosa that date back to before the Second World War. Those looking for a respite from the urban jungle can seek refuge on the Kranji ride through the countryside. Singapore is a place where rides start as early as 5.00am to beat the morning traffic and take members across the island on fast and furious bunch rides. On the way back, you can ride along the Marina Bay Sands while watching the sunrise. Rides often end with a good cup of coffee at a local 'kopitiam' - a traditional term for coffee shop, where locals go to have breakfast to start their day.


From the Surry Hills it's only a short jaunt to the punchy hills and beaches of the eastern suburbs, including Bondi Beach and Lapa. There are picturesque national parks to the North and South where you can ride through the bush, spot wildlife, and enjoy the spectacular Hawkesbury River. The Sydney chapter is one of the RCC’s largest, with a range of riding preferences ranging from the more social through to something for the serious "hitter." This chapter is also a serious contender for the most pre and post-ride brews consumed. Rides during the week range from fast to social with a bit of cyclocross thrown in for good measure. With a continuous presence in the local scene you will likely see the stripes of the RCC flying around the Heffron cycle track most race nights.


Rapha Clubhouse Taipei

No.228, Yanji St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106




The cycling experience in Taiwan is comparable to most of the riding that you can get in Europe and the area close to Taipei has been called the “Alps of Asia.” To ride with the Taipei chapter of the RCC is to climb - around glorious switchbacks where you will catch glimpses of the sprawling city on one turn and then feel as if you are in a completely different world as you go around another. To go up you must also come down, and if there’s one thing the chapter does as well as climbing, it’s descending. This is a fast chapter and when not flying down the back of mountains, members can be found racing; with a strong presence in the local race scene. Recovery rides finish with gua bao (pork belly buns) and bubble tea. Brew stops consist of coffee, tea and Taiwanese Iced Mile tea. This is when members sit back, relax and talk bikes.


Rapha Clubhouse Tokyo

Common Garden Harajyuku Kitasando 3-1-6, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0051

+81 036 434 5571



Bike hire available

With countless people and cars, you might imagine Tokyo to be a noisy city. However, the Tokyo chapter of the RCC knows it is far from that, with the quietness of the parks with beautiful green gardens opposite business districts giving riders a sense of calm as they ride around discovering little alleyways and hidden punchy climbs. There are rides of two types; for training, Imperial Palace laps are ideal. Alternatively you can get some distance in on the long bike lane that runs adjacent to the Arakawa river or tackle one of the many climbs just outside the urban centre, where you’d have no idea you were so close to such a bustling metropolis. On a longer day in the saddle, riders can make their way to the mountainous Nagano Prefecture, then take a bullet train back to Tokyo to finish off the day at the Clubhouse. You can also explore the many faces of this city and its diverse culture. An old Taiyaki store is a complete contrast to the modern cafes in The Bay or the Old Town. These are the reasons to ride here.


Members who don’t have a city chapter nearby can join RCCITL. This offers all the benefits of the regular chapters, including access to the club’s digital platforms, and allows members the freedom to roam across the globe and enjoy rides with any chapter. The chapter is a fully recognised part of the club and members are invited to all Summits and excursions. This chapter allows the coverage of the RCC to stretch to all corners of the globe.

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