Rapha’s hidden gems

Since Rapha launched, in 2004, nearly every product has carried some kind of story label – woven or printed anecdotes and illustrations that connect both the product and its owner to the history, characters and intrigue of road racing and culture.

This second volume of Inside Stories is a collection of some of the finest story labels from the Rapha archive. Printed on a quality matt stock, each label has been photographed to best represent how it appears in the original garment. Casebound, the book features its own inlayed story label on the back. Limited edition.


  • 55 individual story labels
  • Casebound
  • Inlayed story label on back cover
  • Embossed foil blocking
  • Inside pages: 150gsm Munken Polar
  • Cover: Ratchford Colorado Shannon
  • Debossed, foil-blocked cover


4.6 / 5

19 Opiniones


Instrucciones de cuidado

  • Store on a cool dry coffee table or shelf.

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Rapha Bidon - Small

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