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    United States

    Mountains, deserts, coastline, and tropical islands, all under one flag.

    It’s impossible to parse the varied terrains and cycling cultures of the States, but this year we’ll be riding under the expansive desert skies of Utah and New Mexico, in the mountain forests of California and Oregon, and on the tropical paradise of Hawaii.

    Cycling History

    The increasing number of races taking place is showcasing the region's potential.

    Many professional American cyclists base themselves around the West Coast on account of the terrain and the mountain resorts of Aspen, Boulder, and the hills around Portland, cycling stronghold and home of many sports brands.

    History and Culture

    The west was home to ancient and their legacy remains today.

    This is where the “West was won.” You will instantly recognise the terrain of the West Coast from the constant stream of Hollywood movies you would have seen as a child. Today the cowboys are in relatively short supply but the sand-blown scenery remains, along with that jaw-dropping mountain range.

    Food and Drink

    With its diverse cultural influences, outstanding terrain and artistic cities, the western states can claim to be the gastronomic heart of the continent.

    To eat in America is to feast until you can feast no more. This is a land where big is massive and portions enormous. There is no shortage of post-ride comfort food here, and meat is firmly on the menu.


    From young mountains to high desert, the west has a diverse landscape.

    You will ride the west coast of the USA along the fault line that makes up the Rocky mountains and provides some of the most dramatic cycling in North America. Rapha Travel will take you from the high desert of Utah and New Mexico, through unspoilt Colorado to the forested peaks of Oregon and California. You will discover the enormity of Mount Hood and cycle on many of the roads used on the Tour of California.

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