Cent Cols Challenge

100 cols, 10 days – a unique journey that tests the body and spirit in equal measure.

Phil Deeker’s commitment to riding in the mountains led him to create one of the ultimate tests on a road bike – the Cent Cols Challenge (CCC).
In 2017, ten years after the first Cent Cols Challenge, Phil turned 60 and challenged himself to ride ten CCC trips back-to-back. The Ride of a Thousand covered over 20,000km with 500,000m of Climbing – watch the film documenting his journey here.

Now we look ahead, with a note from Phil: For those of you who share my appetite for long days riding on the high roads, I wanted to share the upcoming CCC destinations. For now, June and September remain the most favourable months to ride in the mountains. Therefore, two CCC events are planned in each of these months: in the Appennini and Northern Alps in June, and the Dolomites and West Pyrenees in September. Why have I chosen these four? Choose a trip below to find out.


  • How does payment work?

    We ask all customers to pay a deposit when they book, which confirms their reservation. The balance is due 60 days before departure – we’ll get in touch to remind you when it’s time. If you book less than 60 days before departure, we’ll ask you to pay the full trip price upfront.

  • Am I strong enough for the trip?

    Cent Cols Challenges are the toughest challenge. Our guides will support every rider to go beyond their usual level of riding but you should be able to spend 12 hours in the saddle for multiple days.

Other trip types

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