People and culture

Rapha’s vision is to make road cycling the most popular sport in the world

This is the guiding mission which defines our company culture, working environment and the people we hire.

We work with talented people around the world. From R&D to tour guides, management accountants to customer service advisors; we all share the same aims that have contributed to the company’s unprecedented growth over the past few years.

At Rapha HQ in London, you will find an internal Clubhouse, showing racing throughout the day, baristas serving free coffee and a mechanic in our in-house workshop. At our regional offices and Clubhouse, you will find inspiring, like-minded staff, who all share a passion for extending the boundaries of the sport. On Wednesday mornings, we ride together.

If you are interested joining a company that can truly change the sport we love, either in office or Clubhouse roles, please search our current vacancy listings below. We would love to hear from you.

Rapha Values

At Rapha our employees are typified by four key values we look for when hiring:

  • Love the Sport – Make it part of your life.
  • Inspire Others – Lead by example.
  • Suffer – Good enough isn’t.
  • Think for Yourself – Be proactive, always.