• Pricing and Currency

    Q. Do your prices include tax?
    A. All Checkout Prices for Great Britain, Europe, Canada, Switzerland and Norway include sales taxes; there are no additional fees to pay at all. All other prices are exclusive of local import duties and taxes which are levied once a shipment reaches your country.
    In the US we are required to collect sales tax in certain states where we maintain presence. As such, we charge sales tax on all orders shipped to the following states: AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DC, IL, IN, IA, KY, MA, MI, MN, MO, NV, NY, OH, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI. Prices for Great Britain and Europe include VAT. All other prices are exclusive of local import duties and taxes which are levied once a shipment reaches your country.
    Q. When will I be charged for my order?
    A. You’ll be charged for your order when it is dispatched from our warehouse. For Paypal you will be charged when the order is placed.

  • Price match

    Q. I have recently purchased an item, and it has now been reduced in price, will Rapha price match the difference?
    A. Yes, we are happy to match the reduced price in the form of a credit voucher as long the product was purchased at full price and within 14 days of the price being reduced. We are not able to match the price if the product, including size and colour is not in stock at the time of the request or if we have already provided a price match on the product.

  • Out of Stock

    Q. When are products coming back into stock?
    A. As soon as Rapha have an estimated date of delivery you can sign up for a notification on the product page
    Q. I’d like to order a product, but it does not allow me to put it in the basket.
    A. If it is not possible to select an item this means that it is not available. Please use the ‘inform me when back in stock’ feature on the product page to find out when items come back into stock.

  • Delivery

    Q. How long does the delivery take?
    A. Please refer to the delivery section for estimated Express and Standard delivery times for each region.
    Q. When will my order be sent out?
    A. Please refer to the delivery section for estimated despatch and delivery times. You can track your delivery through the my account section of the website.
    Q. How are Products shipped and how much will shipping cost to my address?
    A. Please refer to the delivery section.

  • Products and Sizing

    Q. I am not sure which size to order?
    A. On most product pages there is specific sizing information in the right hand column. Please also have a look at our men’s sizing page and women’s sizing page. If you are still not certain about which size is right, please contact for more advice or call +44 (0)207 485 5000. US customers contact to / 877 907 2742. AUS/NZ customers contact / +61 (0) 3 9416 4234

  • Sponsoring

    F: Ich würde mich gerne von Rapha unterstützen lassen.
    A: Bitte schicke uns eine E-Mail mit deinem Vorschlag an und wir werden uns bei dir melden.

  • Helmets

    Q. Why do the riders in your imagery sometimes not wear helmets?
    A. Some imagery on the Rapha website shows riders on bicycles who are not wearing helmets. Rapha does not enforce any helmet policy on the riders in its photoshoots other than they adhere to the law of the land. Writer, Rapha model and former professional rider, Tom Southam, tells it like it is after a sequence shot on the Monte Zoncolan:
    OK, for the record. Helmet choice is not Rapha’s, it is mine, in line with the laws of the land where the images were shot. I have to say, that while I am pro helmets, and I understand their obvious and indisputable safety benefits, I am also pro choice. The freedom to wake up each day and make intelligent, informed choices in my life is something that I believe in very strongly. I do not think that getting angry and chastising Rapha over images used in their ad campaigns is really doing anything for anyone. I am not trying to make any statement that not wearing a helmet is cool, but I was riding at (much less than) 10 miles an hour, up a hill, with no traffic, with a film crew hanging out of a Fiat doblo, or whatever it was 6 inches from my face. My choice not to wear a helmet was quite obvious in that scenario. I do understand that there is a risk that kids will see this and potentially think that it is cool to ride without a helmet, but Rapha is as much a cycle safety awareness campaign as Bono is the savior of humanity. I am a 31 year old man, with 18 years riding experience. I have fallen off countless times, broken bones, skinned my backside, lost all of the skin from both of my hands, and in one quite extraordinary accident lost a nipple. Riding a bicycle is dangerous, period. Life is- like it or not- also a risky business. It is cruel, and hard and mean and even now, in the safest times that humanity has ever existed you, and everyone else around you will have to make choices, every single day of your lives to stay safe. Those choices should never be based on what looks cool. So, yes wear a damn helmet, but know why you wear a helmet, and make your own choice to wear a helmet, and have the intelligence in yourself, and promote the kind of intelligence in others, that allows people to be able to see an image in an advert without being compelled to go and risk your or their own life for the sake of looking cool, in exactly the same way that you can read that story and not be compelled to go and get drunk. This is my opinion, I am OK that many people will see it as wrong and I appreciate that. But, I personally salute Rapha for allowing me the freedom of choice, and helping to stop the world becoming the sterile kind of environment where no one understands that the obligation for their own safety lies with themselves and the people directly around them, and nowhere else.

  • Rapha-Hersteller

    F: In welchen Ländern werden die Produkte hergestellt?
    A: Bei Rapha arbeiten wir mit ca. 118 Tier-1- (Fertigwaren) und Tier-2-Lieferanten (Materialien und Komponenten) zusammen, die unsere Produkte in mehr als 22 Ländern herstellen. Unsere Zulieferer stellen die Spitze im jeweiligen Bereich dar und sind ein integraler und hoch geschätzter Bestandteil davon, dass wir unsere Produktvision realisieren können. Unsere Lieferanten bieten ihren Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern hervorragende Arbeitsbedingungen, die wir anhand des Higg-Index FSLM überwachen und mit unserem Partner Fair Working Conditions auch überprüfen.
    Rapha arbeitet weltweit mit ca. 33 Tier-1-Lieferanten (Fertigwaren) in insgesamt 13 Ländern zusammen: Australien, Kambodscha, China, Indonesien, Italien, Japan, Philippinen, Portugal, Rumänien, Schweden, Großbritannien, USA und Vietnam.
    Rapha arbeitet weltweit mit ca. 85 ausgewiesenen Tier-2-Lieferanten (Materialien und Komponenten) in 14 Ländern zusammen: Japan, China, Italien, Südkorea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, USA, Deutschland, Frankreich, Kanada, Schweiz, Spanien und Polen.
    Eine komplette Liste unserer Lieferanten findest du hier.
    Weitere Informationen dazu sind auf der Seite
    Umwelteinwirkungen & Nachhaltigkeit zu finden.

    F: Wie werden die Lieferanten ausgewählt und überwacht?
    A: Wir wählen unsere Lieferanten nach einer Reihe von Kriterien aus, wie z. B. Produktionsmöglichkeiten, Innovation, Bekleidungsqualität, ein fairer Preis für unsere Produkte und Kommunikation.
    Wir bestehen darauf, dass unsere Lieferanten die grundlegenden ethischen Grundsätze und Wertvorstellungen teilen, die in unserem Verhaltenskodex dargelegt sind, den alle unsere Lieferanten unterzeichnen. Bevor wir einen neuen Zulieferer oder eine neue Betriebsstätte mit der Produktion beauftragen, bitten wir das Unternehmen, eine Selbsteinschätzung der sozialen und arbeitsrechtlichen Situation anhand des Higg Index FSLM vorzunehmen. Im Anschluss daran arbeiten wir eng mit unseren Lieferanten zusammen, um sicherzustellen, dass diese hohen Arbeitsstandards auch eingehalten werden. Unsere Fertigwaren-Lieferanten müssen außerdem einen Rahmenvertrag unterzeichnen, der konzipiert wurde, um unseren Lieferanten Unterstützung und Stabilität zu gewährleisten, wozu auch Lieferfristen und Kostenvereinbarungen zählen.
    Seit der Unternehmensgründung vor 17 Jahren arbeitet Rapha mit einer Vielzahl von Lieferanten zusammen — und das im Durchschnitt 8 Jahre lang. Um die Integrität unserer Geschäftsbeziehungen aufrechtzuerhalten, fördern wir die persönliche Kommunikation zwischen unseren Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern und unseren Lieferanten und besuchen die Fabriken in regelmäßigen Abständen auch persönlich. Unsere Mitarbeiter wissen genau, welche Standards für uns akzeptabel sind, und ihr Feedback nach einem Besuch trägt zur permanenten Beurteilung unserer Zulieferer bei.
    Weitere Informationen dazu sind auf der Seite Umwelteinwirkungen & Nachhaltigkeit zu finden.