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    Cutting Edges

    Years of research and design at the top level of the sport have helped us make cycling’s fastest kit. Now it’s time to up the high-speed stakes with a new collection designed for moving fast. This is Pro Team Aero.

    09 April 2018

    The fundamentals of fast

    Aerodynamic principles are applied to fabrics and designs that will help you move through the air faster.

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    Pro Team Aero Jersey

    A lightweight and aerodynamic jersey designed for your fastest rides. Cut through the air in a jersey made with one thing in mind: speed.

    Bonded seams join smooth front fabrics to textured rear fabrics, keeping your fastest side forward.

    An extended zip placket protects your bibs from the jersey’s main zip when you’re in the drops.

    The jersey has an improved valuables pocket with a robust, easy-pull zip that won’t weigh you down or hold you back.

    “Our WorldTour winning skinsuit was borne of thorough testing. Again, we compared materials, controlled variables, tested in wind tunnels and on the track to guide us to the best – and fastest – results.”

    – Simon Huntsman, Rapha Head of Research and Development

    Pro Team Aerosuit

    Made to race, an aerosuit that stems from race-winning research at the highest levels of the sport. Suit up and prepare to take flight. Also available in Rapha Cycling Club colours.

    The back panel of the jersey and aerosuit has a directional nap – a fabric that’s smooth in one direction, textured in the other to aid airflow.

    Raw-cut hems on the legs that are inspired by our Pro Team bibs fit close for a smooth, no-drag profile.

    The aerosuit’s main zip has a guard to contain the lower puller, keeping it out of the way when you’re tucked tight in the drops.

    Pro Team Aerosuit


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    RCC Aerosuit


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    “You spend a lot of time preparing the body. Training hours, nutrition. Good kit is the final piece of that puzzle.”

    – Andy Tennant, two-time track world champion

    In the film

    Andy Tennant is one of the great British track and crit riders of the past ten years. His palmarès is impressive: European Track Championship and UCI Track Cycling World Cup gold medals, road stage wins, overall victories in the UK-based Tour Series. All show skills across several disciplines, with one thing in common: speed.

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