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    Georgia Randonnée

    Georgia Randonnée

    Ride at the crossroads of continents in the Caucasus Mountains.

    Sitting at a crossroads of continents and cultures in the Caucasus Mountains, it is fitting that Georgia’s flag features no less than five crosses. Despite being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it remains a relatively undiscovered cycling destination.

    The scenery in this former Soviet republic is as varied as it is breathtaking, from high mountain peaks to verdant, steep-sided valleys dotted with ancient churches and watchtowers. In a country whose inhabitants follow the proverb that ‘a guest is a gift from god’ and claim to be the world’s earliest winemakers, a warm welcome is assured.

    While the red carpet is rolled out off the bike, riders on the country’s roads will find themselves rolling over a carpet of glorious gravel. Many of Georgia’s highways are old military roads with a loose, broken surface. Even Google Streetview has not yet discovered the country’s roads, making this seven-day trip a true adventure.

    Luckily, Rapha ambassador Stefan Rohner got to know Georgia’s gravel tracks well on a three-week riding trip there. He documented his journey and shared with us his favourite shots from the road.

    Into the Clouds

    Depending on where you draw the continental divide, the Caucasus boast some of Europe’s highest peaks crossed only by small gravel tracks.

    Land of Plenty

    With a favourable climate and fertile ground, Georgia is one of the world’s oldest wine producing regions.

    A Gift From God

    Georgians are famous for their hospitality. The wine flows freely but look out for ‘chacha’, a stronger drink and local favourite.

    Climbing through Climates

    With such a diverse landscape comes a broad range of weather conditions. Prepare for anything from frosty mornings in the mountains to the heat of the Black Sea coast.

    Source to Sea

    From snow white peaks to the Black Sea coast, our route traces river valleys, stop beside vast lakes before finishing on the coast.

    A journey through Georgia is not your typical cycling trip. Riding through a world completely removed from your own, you’ll tackle roads that are a little rougher and stay in rustic villages a degree more remote. Using their local knowledge and expertise, Rapha Travel’s team of tireless guides will lead you through Georgia’s unspoiled landscapes. On the bike and off it, every little detail is taken care of, leaving you to enjoy the journey of a lifetime.


    2nd - 9th September 2018

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