Emotions Of Racing

Created in collaboration with Maghalie, this year’s Rochette collection is inspired by the spectrum of emotions experienced when racing.

19 January 2023
Maghlie Rochette Collection

Happiness, calm, excitement, confidence, focus, awareness and aggression. No rider is made up of one thing, no singular gear or standalone moment. For Maghalie, it is when these key mental components combine together that she finds her winning formula. With each of these emotions represented by its own colour, this collection takes inspiration from the shifting spectrum that is the key to her success.

“Looking down at this kit while racing helps me channel the emotions associated with each of those colours and create the ideal racing mindset”

- Maghalie Rochette




Taking a deeper dive into the melting pot of a racer’s mindset, Maghalie has launched a podcast series where each episode is dedicated to one of these emotions, discussing in depth with a different athlete each week. Check out the link below to listen to ‘Emotions of Racing’.



With Sarah Sturm

Listen now


With Miranda Miller


With Clara Honsinger


Coming Soon


“I like people, I like to joke and I’m a friendly person.. but being nice doesn’t serve you when racing cross. The moment the gun goes off, I have to change my mindset. I think women in particular can relate to this; being nice and polite, but badass when we have to.”

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Pro Team Aero Jersey

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Pro Team Training Jersey

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Maghlie Rochette Collection

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