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    Rapha Travel Trip - Portland to San Francisco - A ten day adventure on the West Coast

    California Dreaming

    A ten day adventure on the West Coast

    29 June 2018

    The road from Portland to San Francisco, down the west coast of the United States is a classic route. A staple of great American road trips and tracing much of the Oregon & California coastlines, it promises picture perfect landscapes mile after mile. For the adventurous cyclist though, both states have a depth of hidden roads even more extraordinary than the world-famous drive.

    Inspired by some of the original Rapha Continental rides, this Rapha Travel Raid is a fully supported road trip stitching together all these undiscovered back roads from Redwood forests to ocean views, making for a classic Rapha Travel experience.

    This June, Head Guide Brad Sauber lead the way for a group of international riders over 10 days, with Belgian rider and photographer Robbrecht Desmet shooting from the bike to document the journey together.

    “Too many highlights to mention. And that’s kind of the point of a trip like this, riding all day every day, normal life slowly peels away and you’re living in a bubble with a great bunch of new friends surrounded by incredible natural beauty and wildlife.”

    – Amy, Colorado, USA

    “Two stand out things for me. One is the amazing dirt roads, I wasn’t expecting to be riding single tracks deep into the forest, it felt like a real adventure. The second is the people, I’ve not laughed so much on the bike in a while. Some really spontaneous, fun moments, like the farm dog that appeared out of nowhere, running alongside us for a few miles, he was having the time of his life.”

    – Mike, Wellington, New Zealand

    “Brad was in his element showing off his intimate knowledge of the local roads, meaning he was able to plan additional climbs and extended routes on select days so I could really push myself. That said, it was the shared group moments that I will look back on most fondly, taking in amazing views from the lighthouse, relaxing on the porch of the Requa Inn, quietly cruising through the Redwoods.”

    – Dirk, Netherlands

    “Just when I thought the day’s riding was turning into more of the same, there was always a surprise around the next corner. Just for example, I was riding alone just ahead of the group, and suddenly a black bear was in the road, running down the middle of the road, right in front of me. It felt like minutes, but was probably just a few seconds before it darted back into the woods. Not everyone believed me but a great moment that I’ll never forget.”

    – Jack, London, UK

    "There was one morning towards the end of the trip, I was ahead of the group on a quiet road all to myself with some fresh feeling legs. No cars, a gentle tailwind, and the most dramatic California coastline immediately on my right. All I had was the sound of tires on the road and the ocean below. That was bliss."

    – Ryan, Portland, USA

    "Day eight, second half, was the best riding I've done anywhere, especially the dirt climb that ended the day. Perfect grades and a carpet of pine needles. I'd love to tell you more but some routes just need to be ridden to be believed."

    – Paul, Colorado, USA

    "Riding allows us to escape in our mind from the pressure of the daily grind. Having nothing to think about for ten days apart from pedalling, soaking in the mind-blowing beauty we were surrounded by every day and enjoying Brad’s seriously great food has left me with memories that will stay with me forever. There is nothing the Rapha team hadn’t thought of - faultless. Can’t wait for the next trip.”

    – Grant, Wellington, New Zealand

    "There's a particular tiredness that comes with clocking up so many miles, and riding for ten days in the rich, overwhelming landscapes of the Pacific brings this state of mind to another level. It was on the very last climb, a dirt road on the outskirts of San Francisco, that I started to process my fondest memories. I had just let the group roll by to take another photograph and I waited to enjoy the cool breeze and capture the unique light in the morning mist. The long descent that followed was a real celebration of the whole trip. Here's to the fresh smoked salmon in the rice cakes, the sound of the ocean, the raw immensity of nature, the dolphins and the bald eagle, to the silence of the Redwoods, and most of all to the roads that mapped this together."

    – Robbrecht, Brussels, Belgium

    The Route

    Portland - San Francisco
    Total 1,460 km
    Total 20,556 m

    Day 1

    Carlton - Newport

    174 km
    3,227 m

    Day 2

    Newport - Bandon

    227 km
    2,249 m

    Day 3

    Bandon - Gold Beach

    134 km
    1,254 m

    Day 4

    Gold Beach - Requa

    154 km
    1,493 m

    Day 5

    Requa - Ferndale

    174 km
    3,227 m

    Day 6

    Ferndale - Benbow

    159 km
    3,427 m

    Day 7

    Benbow - Fort Bragg

    109 km
    1,720 m

    Day 8

    Fort Bragg - Occidental

    172 km
    2,603 m

    Day 9

    Occidental - Mill Valley

    139 km
    1,943 m

    Day 10

    Mill Valley - SF Coffee Loop

    47 km
    756 m

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    Please note: Portland - SF Raid 2019 dates will be announced soon alongside the full US Rapha Travel calendar. Email to register your interest.

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