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    4/410, Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010


    Phone +61 293809717


    Organised group rides roll out from Rapha Clubhouses every week. Whether you’re a local rider or just passing through, enjoy a social spin with us.

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    Enjoy a wide range of Clubhouse events from live racing to exclusive exhibitions, panel discussions and workshops.

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    Immerse yourself in the rich history of the sport in our Clubhouse cafés, where we serve fine coffee, snacks and light meals.

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    There is some spectacular riding around Sydney and the Clubhouse offers convenient access to all of it. From its location in the Surry Hills it's only a short jaunt to the punchy climbs and beaches of the eastern suburbs, including Bondi Beach and Lapa. There are picturesque national parks to the North and South where you can ride through the bush, spot wildlife, and enjoy the spectacular Hawkesbury River.

    The Sydney Clubhouse opened on the first night of the 100th edition of the Tour de France in the the old Bussell Brothers Tea Building on Crown Street. Coffees are served before dawn for those heading out on rides while a full cafe menu offers food and drinks through the day. Visitors can shop the full Rapha range and watch the world’s greatest races on the big screens.

    The RCC holds regular rides from the Clubhouse and a full programme of events is scheduled through the year.


    Sydney is a city defined by the sea, its harbour bustling with maritime activity and its landmark opera house and bridge instantly recognisable the world over. The city’s crest is a snake and rope intertwined, symbolising the cultural harmony of Sydney. The Rapha Clubhouse is just a short ride from Sydney harbour. Both the snake and rope have been referenced in the emblem of the Rapha Sydney chapter and Clubhouse, representing a set of values that is shared between city and Rapha Cycling Club (RCC).

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    Home to the Sydney chapter of the Rapha Cycling Club

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