Colour the Road Ahead

Introducing firm favourites and all-new additions, complete with a range of carefully curated colours to match the upcoming season.

14 February 2021

Leon is 6 foot and wears a small Brevet Jersey in Green.

Annabel is 5’4 and wears an extra small Pro Team Aero Jersey in Mustard.

Leon wears small Classic Flyweight Bib Shorts in Dark Green.


Annabel wears extra small Classic Jersey and Classic Bib Shorts in Purple.

Annabel wears an extra small Pro Team Long Sleeve Jersey in Dark Green and an extra small Pro Team Lightweight Gilet in Light Green (coming soon).

Leon wears a small Pro Team Long Sleeve Training Jersey in Green/Teal.

Annabel wears an extra small Core Rain Jacket in Brick.

Leon wears a small Classic Flyweight Jersey in Brick.


Colour the road ahead with firm favourites in fresh colours.


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