Arctic Camo Collection

Leaving the bustling concrete cities we call home and escaping to the peaceful wintertime forest we love with a new seasonal Rapha Performance Trailwear capsule designed to both stand out and blend in.

Mountain biking enables us to escape from the hustle of the cities in which we live and work, to seek solace in the wonders of the natural environment. As winter sets in, this transition becomes a challenge – but instead of fighting the freeze, we choose to embrace the elements and the altered environment around us.

With trees shedding their leaves and prey animals transformed by seasonal camouflage, the natural world changes. And so do we. Inspired in equal parts by the stark, dappled light of the winter forest and the greyscale playgrounds of the cities from which we escape, the Arctic Camo collection is designed to stand out and blend in as you continue into the cold this winter.

The Arctic Camo Collection

Men's Arctic Camo Trail Long Sleeve Technical T-shirt

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Women's Arctic Camo Trail Long Sleeve Technical T-shirt

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