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RCC Membership Card

Your bespoke alloy membership card is a reminder of your place in the world’s finest cycling club and, more importantly, a ticket to complimentary coffee in our Clubhouses.


Some of our newest products are available exclusively to members of the Rapha Cycling Club for a period of time before general release. Other items, including the club's exclusive kit and a number of special edition releases each year, can only be purchased by members. To find out more about the benefits of membership and join the club follow the link below.

Become a member


Replacing your lost membership card

Members can order one replacement card a year in the event of loss or damage. All replacement alloy cards are accompanied by a chapter roundel and bear your original member number.

As bespoke products are made to order, there can be a lead time of up to eight weeks on replacement RCC membership cards. Import duty and taxes are not included in the price and may be payable upon delivery depending on your location.

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