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RCC End of Season Challenge

Join us for an autumnal farewell to the cycling season on a ride to the Rur Eifel.

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Date: October 12th, 2019, 10:30am

Start: Fixed Gear Coffee

Finish: Fixed Gear Coffee

As the cycling season comes to a close, we’re hosting a 150km return ride to the infamous Urft Dam and Urft Reservoir, located in North Eifel, Germany.

Constructed in 1905 – the biggest reservoir in Europe at the time – it’s an area known for its quiet roads and dense forests, and will be ablaze with colour as autumn takes hold of the landscape. We’ll also encounter a few gravel paths along the way, but the ride is perfectly suitable for road bikes.

A maximum of 50 places are available for the ride, and we’ll be serving hot soup and warm bread for every rider on their return to Fixed Gear Coffee.

  1. » RCC End of Season Challenge

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