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“I was flying today”

Designed from the ground up by Rapha, our range of saddles has been two years in the making. We’ve been designing the world’s finest bib shorts and chamois pads for years, yet we’ve never had control of their interaction with saddles. Until now. Building on that expertise, we have designed the Pro Team Cutout Saddle to work in tandem with our Pro Team Bib Shorts II for ultimate comfort on the bike.

With a shallow profile and a full carbon construction, the Pro Team Cutout Saddle is for riders who need a lightweight build with a central cut out to relieve pressure. Constructed entirely from carbon laid up by hand in Italy, the saddle’s shell is designed for maximum comfort at a minimum weight – the narrow version weighs just 141 grams. A one-piece carbon rail running the length of the saddle supports the shell. The extended length of the rail allows for a slight degree of flex in the shell to provide greater comfort. The underside of the shell reveals the beautifully patterned carbon lay up whilst the top of the saddle is finished with a resilient microfibre fabric. This choice of material affords the rider maneuverability to shift between riding positions whilst providing enough traction to hold the rider in position no matter the conditions.

Fit and function redefined

No two riders are the same, yet most saddles are made as if they were. To challenge conventional wisdom on saddle fitting, the Pro Team Cutout Saddle is designed to partner perfectly with the Pro Team Bib Shorts II for complete comfort without build up of pressure or numbness. The width and foam density of both the Pro Team Saddle and the chamois pad in the Pro Team Bib Shorts II vary according to size. When paired together using Rapha’s fit calculator, the width of the saddle perfectly matches the chamois pad in the bib shorts. The foam density of the pad and the saddle are tailored to provide a degree of compression and support optimised to the rider’s weight. The result: a saddle and pad combination to suit your size and weight for ultimate comfort.

Details and Materials

  • Density tuned foam
  • Designed to work with Pro Team Bib Short II
  • Weight: 141 grams (+/- 5%)
  • Cover: Water resistant microfibre over polyurethane foam
  • Shell: 100% carbon
  • Rails: 100% carbon one-piece rail (ovalized 7x9mm)


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  1. » Men's Products
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  3. » Pro Team Carbon Saddle Cut Out - 145mm

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