Women’s 100: Who Will You Ride With?

The best bike rides are those shared with other people. With this in mind, the Women’s 100 brings cyclists around the world together to share the road and create enduring memories of their century ride.

10 August 2018

With group rides scheduled globally, the anticipation for this year’s event on Saturday, 14 September is building. Joining a ride near you is straightforward using the Women’s 100 ride platform and, if there isn’t a ride posted yet, you can gather your friends and lead your own.

As you think about who you might ride with in September, we asked six women who they would share the road with and why.

Laura Quick

Laura always had a bike as a child and has recently fallen back in love with riding. Since training for the Women’s 100 has to fit around work – Laura is the award-winning illustrator behind the Rapha Manuals – her number one rule is to ride only when she wants to.

“I’d ride with Charlie Brooker, the British comic and satirist. I’ve always liked his slightly warped perspective on things.”

“When I ride, it feels like my mind opens up a little and I’m able to think more clearly. That’s why I’d like to ride with Charlie. Sitting beside him, I’d be privy to his various trains of thought and get an insight into the way he views the world. I’d also love to ask him about the characters in TV Go Home, his parody of the television listing you find in magazines.”

Pauline Ferrand-Prévot

Many riders have been celebrated for their versatility down the years but none are more adaptable than Pauline. She simultaneously held the world championships titles on the road, in cyclocross and cross country mountain biking. Multi-discipline domination.

“Seeing more women on bikes makes me so happy and I’d love to be a part of that, especially in my home region.”

“When I’m training at home I see more and more groups of women on the roads. I have friends that I train with but I would love to join one of the local groups for a more relaxed ride.”


A cyclist throughout her life, Celia first got into riding a little further along her local canal towpath that turned into an all day adventure. Upon returning home, she decided to get a road bike and has been riding regularly with the Rapha Cycling Club in London ever since.

“Riding a kilometre up a climb with Chris would be fantastic. I would likely not be able to speak but, hey, who cares? I would cherish that memory forever.”

“For the Women’s 100, I feel like I should pick a woman but my cycling idol is Chris Froome. I have been following him since I started cycling, just getting going with short five-mile rides a couple of years ago. It’s been great to see such a good guy reach the pinnacle of the sport and enjoy the success he has.”

Hannah Barnes

Racing professionally with the CANYON//SRAM team, Hannah is a former British champion and spends a lot of time training with younger sister and teammate Alice. As much as she enjoys riding with her sister, Hannah chose someone else to ride the Women’s 100 with.

“I would ride with the Queen because she has been to a lot of places around the world and she would have a lot of stories to tell.”

“It would be great to go on a ride with her as it’s when you’re riding that those stories come out.”

Verity Copland

Verity first started cycling as a way of getting to work. She worked for several years at Rapha and is now Head of Design and Development at Apidura. Using the on-bike luggage she creates at work, Verity enjoys riding off-road on multi-day adventures, carrying all she needs and camping out overnight.

“When I first started bikepacking, I read a book titled Full Tilt which recounts a journey from Ireland to India by bike. Given the chance, I would love to ride with the book’s author, Dervla Murphy.”

“Riding that distance is impressive in any context but to do it solo, back then in the 60s with a bike that weighed a tonne, that really shows what a trailblazing character she is. I’m in awe of how collected and measured she comes across in her book, even when she’s attacked by wolves! I’d love to ride with her in person, to ask her about her time on the road to India and the many other cycling adventures she’s had since.”

Kasia Niewiadoma

Poland has produced a golden generation of cyclists and leading the way in the women’s peloton is Kasia. Winner of the overall classification at the OVO Women’s Tour in 2017, she has proved a popular addition to the CANYON//SRAM squad.

“It would be a lovely throwback to the days when we used to hang out all the time as children.”

“Riding is a great way to catch up with people you’ve not seen too much of so I’d ride with my sister.”

Who will you ride the Women’s 100 with?

Whether you’ve a ready made group of riding partners to share the road with or you’re looking for a group to join, find a ride on our Women’s 100 ride platform.

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