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    Re-proofing solution for Rapha performance apparel

    Rapha Apparel Re-Proofer is a protection product designed to add water-repellency to all technical clothing and outerwear.

    Based on an environmentally-friendly formulation, Rapha Apparel Re-Proofer restores lost water-repellency, allowing you to ride further while remaining dry. Ideally applied to damp garments, this product maintains breathability, and provides maximum weather protection. Tumble drying is recommended for best results.

    Suitable for use with all waterproof and water-resistant materials. Can also be used with garments with Gore-Tex® linings. For best results, use alongside Rapha Apparel Wash.

    Details and Materials

    • Restores water resistance
    • Protects DWR treatment
    • Prolongs product life
    • 200ml ℮ 6.76 fl. oz.
    • Use Rapha Apparel Wash to ensure garment is clean
    • Ensure all zips and velcro flaps are closed before applying
    • For best results apply to a damp garment
    • Shake bottle and spray evenly from a distance of 10 to 15cm
    • Dab away any excess moisture with a clean cloth
    • Tumble dry on medium heat until dry
    • Remove from drier, then hang for a further 15 minutes to ensure proofer activates fully

    Care instructions

    • Utilizar el detergente Rapha Apparel Wash para asegurar una total limpieza de la prenda.
    • Antes de usar, comprobar que todas las cremalleras y cierres de velcro estén cerrados
    • Para un resultado óptimo, aplicar sobre la prenda húmeda
    • Agitar el envase y rociar uniformemente a una distancia de 10 a 15 cm
    • Presionar con un paño limpio para absorber la humedad
    • Secar en secadora a temperatura media hasta que la prenda esté totalmente seca
    • Sacar de la secadora y tender durante 15 minutos para que el impermeabilizador termine de hacer efecto

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