Rapha - North American Compass Challenge Cycling event

The Rapha Compass Challenge

An open call to adventure by bicycle.

AUGUST 24th - 30th

Inspired by the continent-crossing rides of early 20th century cyclists, the Rapha Compass Challenge is a ride with a difference. This August, we’re inviting you to plot your own course between four coordinates surrounding one of our eight US Clubhouses – all in the space of a week.

How to get involved

Taking part in the challenge is simple. Make a note of the coordinates in your city, plot a route between them all, and hit the road. You can tick off the checkpoints in any order, but you must share your adventure online as proof of your progress. You can do this by submitting the story of your ride below or by using #raphacompasschallenge on Instagram.


We have an array of special gifts and prizes available to all those who take part in the challenge. Every rider will receive a signed and numbered print from illustrator Casey Robertson, while anyone who navigates to all four checkpoints in a single day will be entered into a draw to win prizes from Rapha, Ride With GPS, Wahoo, Nuun, WTB and MiiR.

Submit your story

Once you’ve ticked off each checkpoint, prepare an image of your recorded ride and share it via the link below before submissions close on September 1st.





40.255373, -105.234121
40.077167, -105.570694
40.073065, -105.360495
39.956206, -105.355850




42.4246553, -87.816508
42.074439, -87.684267
41.7964663, -87.5783162
41.673636, -87.524931

Los Angeles



34.134556, -118.321583
34.087278, -118.808778
34.083000, -118.518167
33.961778, -118.370306




25.551500, -80.428700
25.763500, -80.129700
26.189400, -80.094600
25.813000, -80.193300

New York


New York City

41.141740, -73.914120
41.178699, -74.032051
41.311123, -74.006737
41.311993, -73.970488




47.813584, -122.381601
47.676018, -121.951984
47.543484, -121.838480
47.482916, -122.356596

Washington D.C


39.091548, -77.329634
39.259491, -77.395289
39.274284, -77.515454
39.248644, -77.561193

For the safety of all riders and those in Northern California, San Francisco will not be part of our Compass Challenge at this time. We encourage everyone to stay safe, ride indoors and please consider supporting The Northern California Red Cross.


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