Our sport is not equal and we must do more. The issues dominating our feeds and airwaves are far bigger than cycling, yet sport has the power to transform lives and societies and we exist to make cycling the most popular sport in the world. But if we are ever to make cycling more popular and more inclusive, it must start with the recognition that it is still, in so many ways, exclusive; separated from the day-to-day of so many who could and should be included. We hear you and we must do more.

This is a time of mourning, deep sadness and grief; a time of change when once again communities are reckoning with the spectre of modern and systemic racism. There is no more important confrontation than this one and our thoughts are with the family of George Floyd and all those marching for justice.

This sport is our antidote, sure, but it is also absolutely trivial in the context of our own right to live without fear of persecution, racism, bigotry, xenophobia and bias. We are committing ourselves to doing more to create a sport where all cyclists live with that freedom.

We must do more in supporting diversity at a grassroots level with the Rapha Foundation.

We must do more in championing diverse leaders in the sport.

We must do more in celebrating diversity in our content and our brand.

We must do more in recruiting and advancing diversity within our organisation.

We are all responsible and we are all accountable. #BlackLivesMatter.

Action starts now, but we will take time to reflect, listen and discuss the important issues before we make further commitments, which we will communicate in the near future.

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