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Though we have closed our doors, we will not be walking away. There will still be a wide range of ways to connect with the Rapha community and shop our latest products in a bricks and mortar store.

As the Rapha Cycling Club sits at the heart of our community, we will maintain a strong connection and program for engagement with our D.C. chapter of the RCC.

With passionate Ride Leaders, our vibrant community, and our latest products still readily available around town, we are convinced that the Rapha community will continue to thrive.

We look forward to supporting the cyclists of Washington D.C. in new and exciting ways in 2021 and beyond. Learn more about the Rapha Cycling Club »


3210 Grace Street NW, Washington D.C., 20007


Phone 202.733.1692


Organised group rides roll out from Rapha Clubhouses every week. Whether you’re a local rider or just passing through, enjoy a social spin with us.

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Enjoy a wide range of Clubhouse events from live racing to exclusive exhibitions, panel discussions and workshops.

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Immerse yourself in the rich history of the sport in our Clubhouse cafés, where we serve fine coffee, snacks and light meals.

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Washington D.C. boasts a tightly woven culture of riding and racing. A passel of nose-to-stem group rides keep D.C.’s cadre of racers sharp, and a windy slice of land less than a mile from the Jefferson Memorial has hosted thousands of lunch rides. The quiet C&O Canal towpath springs riders from the Beltway bustle on a ribbon of gravel, and long routes to Mount Weather — one of the government's famous "undisclosed locations" or up Sugarloaf Mountain offer escapes from the D.C. thrum. Rapha is excited to join the cycling culture in the nation's capital Georgetown, offering gourmet coffee and food, race viewings and group rides — some on well-worn routes and some further afield. Ride with us in the District.

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