Riding Goals

Every January, each one of us at Rapha sets a new riding goal for the season ahead. Join us in the tradition by setting a goal of your own, great or small, to chase over the coming months.

01 January 2021
Rapha Riding Goals - Cycling Events, Races and Adventures for 2021


Having moved to British Columbia three years ago, cyclist Mel Webb’s bike was essential in making new friends and exploring her new surroundings. But after breaking her leg last January, Mel was told that she would never do endurance sports again. Not one to give in, Mel fulfilled her 2021 riding goal of bikepacking through Alberta’s Rocky Mountains from Fernie in the Elk Valley, up to the turquoise waters of Lake Louise, and back again with a little help from Rapha.

“The route was nearly perfect, created using a combination of books, published routes like the Great Divide and my love for clicking on maps. Out the door, we rolled along flowy singletrack into the backcountry on silky gravel with stunning views around every corner. Of course, not every moment could be perfect.

By going all-in, you expose yourself to completely unravelling. Nothing you experience on the road lasts forever, so you just have to roll with it. On day one, what was meant to be a challenging mountain pass was completely unrideable, both up and down. It turned into a 5-hour hike, emerging from the woods at 11pm and 50 kilometres behind schedule. On day two, I pushed to make up those 50 kilometres and had my most challenging day on the bike. The silver lining of hitting my absolute limit was breaking through to a new level I didn’t know possible and the feeling of accomplishment that came with it.

“I bonded with other bikepackers along the trail but found myself craving the company of other women. I only met one all week. After taking some time to rest, I’ll be back clicking on maps, scheming a way to get more women out on the trail with me.”


As well as our winner, four runners-up have been selected to receive a prize of Rapha products to help them achieve their riding goal:

- Natalia Zapata is hoping to ride from Medellín to the sandy beaches of Cartagena with a gang of her friends, covering over 600km of tarmac.

- Crossing from Germany, down through Austria and on to Italy, Kathi Meinhardt is planning on riding from Munich to Lake Garda all in one day.

- Pursuing his passion for discovering new places and meeting new people, Julien Roche aims to spend this year training to take part in Race Around Rwanda 2022.

- Inspired by the Trans Siberian Extreme, Anton Vazovski commits to putting his body to the test by traversing the length of his native Russia.

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