Keep Riding

Inspiring stories from around the world to keep you riding this autumn.

Riding your bike is about more than turning the pedals. It’s about turning a page. Getting out of your head and into the world. Away from your screens and closer to what matters. To the end of the street or the other side of the world, there are no limits when you’re riding.

You’ll go to places you never thought you would and do things you never thought you could. Escaping inner demons and meeting like minds, you’ll break down barriers and build new bridges. All you have to do is keep riding.

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing a series of inspiring human stories from riders around the world. But these stories aren’t solely about cycling, they show how riding fits into our lives. They’re about savouring success and facing up to adversity, overcoming obstacles and dealing with uncertainty. And they all share one simple message.



Having raced for her national team and ridden around the world, Kirsti is used to putting cycling first. We caught up with her at home in Oslo, Norway to find out how a new arrival has changed all that.

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Based in Los Angeles, Ron quit his job in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests to dedicate more of his time to the movement. Follow him to see how he uses his bike as a tool for togetherness.

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A stalwart of the Santa Cruz scene, Isaac is part of a new generation. With a strong connection to his local community and the trails they’ve built, he explains why for him, digging is just as important as riding.


In spite of the weather or perhaps because of it, keep riding this autumn with seasonal essentials designed to keep you comfortable in any conditions.


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