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    Developed for Team Sky’s Classics specialists

    If the thought of freezing wet hands on a long day in the rain is enough to put you off getting out the door, consider the Pro Team Neoprene Gloves, Rapha’s latest innovation in hand protection.

    Racers know that trying to keep hands dry when riding in the rain is a losing battle – even the bulkiest gloves only stay dry for a couple of hours, and the extra layers of insulation and water-proofing can compromise handling skills and make it nearly impossible to eat. The Pro Team Neoprene Gloves solve this problem.

    Inspired by wetsuits, the neoprene and merino construct traps a small amount of water close to the skin while blocking out the cold and wind. This makes for a thin, comfortable glove with great dexterity and warmth, perfect for racing – they are used by Team Sky during the Belgian Classics – and training in the rain.

    Neoprene used against the skin tends to lead to an uncomfortable and clammy feeling, so these gloves are lined with fine merino wool. Merino can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet to the touch – synthetic fabrics typically feel wet after absorbing only 2-3% of their weight – meaning that the lining feels dry for longer. As well as adding comfort, the lining is naturally anti-bacterial.

    The palms of the gloves are cut from 2mm-thick neoprene, allowing for better control of the bars and shifters, with a 3mm-thick back panel for extra protection against the wind and cold weather. To prevent water ingress, the seams are constructed with a ‘blind stitch’ that doesn’t fully penetrate the material, and are then filled with insoluble glue.

    Due to their low-profile compared to other foul-weather gloves, the Pro Team Neoprene Gloves can easily be stored in a jersey pocket, making them a great just-in-case option on changeable days.

    Key features:

    • Anti-bacterial merino lining
    • 2mm palm for dexterity
    • 3mm back panel for protection
    • Printed silicone grip

    Sizing guide:

    Download and print the Rapha Gloves sizing guide »
    Please ensure that the guide is not printed using your computer’s “scale to fit” function. Print with the scale set to 100%, which will ensure the guide is printed to size.

    Glove sizing guide

    Details and Materials

    • Anti-bacterial merino lining
    • 2mm palm for dexterity
    • 3mm back panel for protection
    • Printed silicone grip
    • Robust stitched and glued seams
    • Stowable in jersey pocket
    • Originally developed with Team Sky
    • Main – 90% neoprene / 10% nylon
    • Lining – 95% merino wool / 5% elastane


    3.8 / 5

    21 Reviews

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    Care instructions

    • Machine wash cool
    • Wash with like colours
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Do not iron
    • Do not dry clean
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