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The Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) is the first cycling club of its kind, an active riding and racing club designed to create a global community of like-minded, passionate road riders.

  • Ride With Us

    Above all else the Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) is a cycling club, dedicated to offering members a wide range of opportunities to ride.

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  • Local Club, Global Community

    The Rapha Cycling Club has chapters in some of the most vibrant and dynamic cities in the world, this network creates a truly global community of riders.

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  • Club Kit

    The quality of kit that Rapha is renowned for, in designs exclusive to the RCC. We offer members the complete range of products in RCC colours to ensure optimum comfort whatever the riding conditions.

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  • Bike Hire

    A range of race-winning Canyon road bikes are available to hire by RCC members at a daily rate from Clubhouses.

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  • Mondial

    Mondial is an award winning bi-annual magazine anchored in the peculiarities of road cycling, seeking out the stories you won’t find elsewhere.

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  • About the RCC

    Rapha was founded from a passion for road cycling and the RCC was established with the same values. As a member of the RCC you will join a global community which shares the Rapha passion.

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The Club is split into chapters located around the world. Each chapter has a unique identity and when you join the RCC you choose the chapter geographically applicable to you.

Find a Rapha Cycling Club Chapter

Find a Rapha Cycling Club Chapter


The Amsterdam chapter offers everything from training to social rides, with monthly excursions catering for those looking to explore the Benelux area. Ride roads travelled on the Classics - Flanders, Amstel Gold and Liege Bastogne Liege.

Amsterdam Chapter details » Amsterdam Chapter events »


Chicago’s great riding is largely due to the tracks and trails that run out of the city. Rides with the Chicago chapter take in spectacular tree-lined routes such as the Des Plaines River Trail or the Chicago Lakefront Trail.

Chicago Chapter details » Chicago Chapter events »


Copenhagen is the first Scandinavian chapter of the Club. Rides head out to the west and North of Zealand on quiet country roads with the wind ever-present. The occasional gravel road is ridden when the chapter heads inland.

Copenhagen Chapter details » Copenhagen Chapter events »

Hong Kong

For a small city, Hong Kong packs in plenty of challenges, not least getting out of the streets and into the hills. The Chapter’s weekly excursions offer a true test of stamina and regular night rides have proved extremely popular.

Hong Kong Chapter details » Hong Kong Chapter events »


London is the oldest of the chapters and also one of the largest, allowing ample opportunity to find riding companions. At the weekend, rides head off in all directions to explore the home counties.

London Chapter details » London Chapter events »

Los Angeles

Members of the LA chapter enjoy cycling throughout Southern California, from San Diego all the way north to Santa Barbara. Monthly socials, weekly destination rides, local races and supported fondos are all staples in the community.

Los Angeles Chapter details » Los Angeles Chapter events »


Mallorca is blessed with some of the most spectacular roads for cycling in Europe, something chapter members make the most of. But the mountains in the north are only half the story - there’s a whole other side to Mallorca waiting to be discovered.

Mallorca Chapter details » Mallorca Chapter events »


Members of the Melbourne chapter are spoilt for choice, with no two rides ever the same. The RCC chapter has grown out of Tuesday and Thursday weekly rides, which members now lead. Both are a must-do ride for those new to Melbourne.

Melbourne Chapter details » Melbourne Chapter events »


Camaraderie is paramount at the Munich chapter, with relaxed rides always involving a big dose of hospitality. The routes the chapter is best known for are mainly to the south of Munich, with rolling terrain and the odd forest climb.

Munich Chapter details » Munich Chapter events »

New York

The New York chapter rides in the the rolling hills near Piermont, setting off before the city wakes up. Secretly, the surrounding countryside is brilliant for riding, just a few miles from one of the most exciting cities on earth.

New York Chapter details » New York Chapter events »


The Osaka chapter has a wide range of ages and abilities. The pace is usually relaxed although don’t be surprised if it picks up when the ride reaches the hills or on a mad dash along the traffic-free canals.

Osaka Chapter details » Osaka Chapter events »


The Portland chapter is spoilt for choice when it comes to rides. The chapter will often meet for coffee in the Pearl District before heading over the mountain where a ride could last anywhere from two to 10 hours.

Portland Chapter details » Portland Chapter events »


Members of the Seoul chapter are a tough bunch, regularly heading off on deep winter rides along the river. The chapter is a true community and many members have started their cycling journey here.

Seoul Chapter details » Seoul Chapter events »


Weekly rides held by the Singapore chapter are a great opportunity for members to explore. Singapore rides start as early as 5.00am to beat the morning traffic and take members across the island on fast and furious bunch rides.

Singapore Chapter details » Singapore Chapter events »


The location of the Sydney chapter and its Clubhouse cater for a range of riding preferences from the more social through to the serious "hitter." This chapter is also a serious contender for the most pre and post-ride brews consumed.

Sydney Chapter details » Sydney Chapter events »


The cycling experience in Taiwan is comparable to most of the riding that you can get in Europe and the area close to Taipei has been called the “Alps of Asia.” The Taipei chapter gives members a chance to explore the mountainous landscape.

Taipei Chapter details » Taipei Chapter events »


In Tokyo the quiet parks with beautiful green gardens opposite the business districts offer a sense of calm as cyclists discover little alleys and hidden climbs. Members can also explore the many faces of this city and its diverse culture.

Tokyo Chapter details » Tokyo Chapter events »



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£135 for a 12 month membership

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