Open from 5th May


What a year of cycling it’s set to be in Sydney. With the UCI Road World Championships coming to nearby Wollongong in September, we could not be more excited to be on the ground in the city with our new location acting as your one stop cycling shop. Based out of the bustling CBD, the new Pop-Up will stock all of our latest collections with our friendly staff on hand to provide expert fit advice and local knowledge. Whether you’re looking for crit racing at Heffron Park or casual laps of Centennial, we’ll also have our usual stacked calendar of rides and evening events, including live race screenings and replays plus audiences with some of your favourite Aussie pros. Swing by George Street to see just what we’ve got in store.

Opening Dates and Hours

From 5th May

Mon to Wed & Fri: 8am - 6pm
Thu: 8am - 8pm
Sat to Sun: 9am - 5pm



Social: @rapha_australia

Phone: (02) 9145 0112


For the duration of our stint in Sydney, we’ll be bringing you the best of a life lived by bike. From inner city climbing loops to gravel grinders in nearby national parks, we’ll have plenty of regular rides for local RCC members. And twice a month, we’ll also be hosting open rides so that those who aren’t yet members can get a taste. We’ll also have regular evening events with some of your favourite Aussie pros as well as Rapha Prestige and Escape events in the area.

Twine of harmony

Sydney is a city defined by the sea, its harbour bustling with maritime activity and its landmark Opera House and bridge instantly recognisable the world over. The city’s crest is a snake and rope intertwined, symbolising the cultural harmony of Sydney. The Pop-Up Clubhouse is just a short ride from Sydney Harbour and we’ve used a twisted rope for the emblem of the city’s Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) chapter and Clubhouse, representing a set of values that is shared between city and club.

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