The Rapha Cycling Club In Yilan

The Secret Garden

The Rapha Cycling Club In Yilan

01 January 2016

To the east of Taipei lies Yilan, known locally as the secret garden of Taiwan. Renowned for its lush greenery, hot springs and night markets, 38 members from RCC chapters in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan rode for three solid days to reach the city in the northeast of the country.

Arriving in Yilan via the Northern Cross Island Highway revealed some of the most spectacular views in Taiwan. Members also had the opportunity to visit the Kavalan Distillery, home of the award-winning Kavalan Whisky, and learned first hand how this coveted whisky is made by making their very own custom blend. You can view a selection of photos from the excursion below.

The Rapha Cycling Club hosts regular rides for its members in chapters around the world, with many organised by members themselves.

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