Rapha Cycling Club Summit California

Sonoma County is Californian wine country and as such possess two key elements that are also favoured by cyclists: plenty of sun and rolling hills.

24 October 2016

In late October 2016, 90 members of the RCC set out to explore the hills on the RCC Summit.

Wine country is so hilly that even the Pine Flat delivered an unexpected challenge as it rose up past vineyards. Out on the Pacific coast, the views along the rolling Highway 1 were uninterrupted.

A variety of ride options were offered over the weekend, depending on the intensity and pace of cycling preferred. All rides reconvened for lunch and coffee stops.

Simon Mottram, Rapha’s CEO and Founder, rose to the hill climbing challenge.

In the end it was a Summit of summits, a showcase of the beauty of California and a chance for the RCC to come together from across the world and ride.

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