Rapha Rides Brussels

Rapha Rides Brussels

Rapha Rides travels to cities around the world to uncover their greatest rides and most interesting riders.

31 March 2018

Ride with us

Local riders, their favourite routes. The places to visit, the roads to ride. See the city from their perspective. Ride with us.

"With its hilly and rough surface Brussels offers a great opportunity to turn your commute into an ultimate ‘bergs and cobbles’ training, with Dudenpark on my way home as the perfect finale."
- Robbrecht Desmet, Film Maker and RCC Member

Breakfast Club

Gentle, meandering loop out west to Pajottenland.

Distance: 50 km
Elevation: 320m

Download the GPX Route

Leuven Loop

More testing than the Breakfast club loop, taking you out and back through Bois de le Cambre.

Distance: 70 km
Elevation: 775m

Download the GPX Route

Muur Van Geraardsbergen

An extension of the Breakfast Club route, out to the Muur Van Geraardsbergen - the iconic climb from the Tour of Flanders. Don't go too hard at the bottom - Muur means wall in Flemish...

Distance: 100 km
Elevation: 780m

Download the GPX Route
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