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라파 레이스 라디오: 에피소드 2

전 세계 최고의 자전거 레이스 현장에서 전하는 생생한 소식

30 March 2018

The team hits the pavé for Episode 02 of Rapha Race Radio. An anonymous pro tells us what it’s like inside the race, before we try to understand why there isn’t a women’s edition. Then there’s The Wrap, where Harry does his best to recap the action while riding some huge cobblestones, before we finish with Juan More Thing with Eurosport’s Juan Antonio Flecha.
See you in two weeks at Liège.
Photos in ‘The Wrap’ and ‘Juan More Thing’: Russ Ellis and BORA - hansgrohe, InSapphoWeTrust, Keith Allison, Larry Lamsa, Nathalie05, Tigre Municipio, Andrew Sides, Laurie Beylier, LHOON, Matt Dalton,, Robert Knight and The British Library (all Flickr CC).

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