A global community needs to keep in touch. Rapha’s digital platforms have been created to ensure you’re always in the loop with rides, events, news and club chatter both within your own chapter and those in other countries.


Organise rides and meet other members

The RCC's dedicated app is a gateway to global activities within the club. Regardless of location, members can access the app and find a complete picture of ride activity, from chapter level all the way up to events or rides taking place worldwide - a continuous connection with the global RCC community.


Dedicated to training, racing, club rides and events

The forum puts you in the middle of the RCC conversation, a global Clubhouse which keeps the community connected. Members can dip into chats, ask advice, or receive tips on the full spectrum of cycling topics. They can also use the forum to tell people about rides and routes they have discovered. Occasionally the RCC will use the platform to expand on an event or large ride, or share images of past activities.

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A private international club on Strava

Members of the RCC have a dedicated international club on Strava where they can track their mileage and follow their club’s performance. Strava has become the world’s leading training app, allowing pros and amateurs alike to view their riding data and see how they stack up against others. By tracking specific efforts, Strava allows members to compare themselves against their peers. Alongside technical riding details, Strava presents photos and maps of your rides, so clubmates can follow each other’s travels and keep in touch.

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