Sarah Sturm

From cross national championships to coaching the next generation of riders, the world’s greatest gravel grinders to a full-time graphic design job, Sarah Sturm has a lot going on, and cycling is just the start.

08 June 2021

Sarah Sturm

“Be kind. Do good. Have as much fun as possible. Bike Racer / Adventurer.”


Sarah Sturm is quite unlike any other professional bike rider. A latecomer to the sport, she started cycling at college and enjoyed plenty of early success in road racing but decided that the hyper competitive racing scene was not one on which she wanted to stick around.

It would be a few years before she returned full-time to cycling but the second time around she followed her heart into off-road riding. In 2019 alone, Sarah raced to podium finishes at the Belgian Waffle Ride, SBT GRVL, and the Sea Otter Classic, and she’s also a two-time US Single Speed Cyclocross National Champion.

Despite these accolades, it’s Sarah’s love for the community that keeps her competing. Outside of work and racing commitments, she spends a lot of time coaching her former Fort Lewis collegiate team in Durango, helping to instil a sense of balance and perspective into a new generation of aspiring riders and racers.

“There’s this script that we all thought we had to follow. To be a great athlete, you have to be this cut-throat, competitive athlete. That’s entertaining to a certain point but to me, I was never in awe of those characters growing up”

Where many of her competitors commit themselves to the monastic lifestyle, Sarah’s main commitment is maintaining a healthy balance between all that she’s passionate about. Off the bike, with a successful career as a graphic designer, her life is just as exciting as it is in the saddle. It’s this balanced approach that has enhanced her racing capabilities by lending a sharp sense of perspective to race results.

Though she was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sarah now calls Colorado home, and her favourite trail through the La Plata Mountains is just a short ride from her front door.

“Those who are humble and kind, but then destroy at their sport, that’s way more inspiring. Wouldn’t you rather go for a beer with someone who you think ‘Wow, I just watched you at the Olympics and you’re a cool person?’ That’s the archetype that pro athletes should chase.”



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Hailed as a new kind of athlete, two-time national champion Sarah Sturm is pioneering a fresh approach to racing. We recently spoke to her at her home in Colorado to talk about gravel racing, embracing her creativity and coaching the next generation of cyclists.

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