Local riders, their favourite routes. The places to visit, the roads to ride. See the city from their perspective. Ride with us.

"Düsseldorf's cycling culture grows as a tender little plant that has to be watered repeatedly and with great care. The turbo fertilizer called Grand Départ will hopefully lead to an appropriate growth."
Carsten Wien, Co-owner of cycling café Schicke Mütze

Steffen's Route

Distance: 103 km
Elevation: 1,150m
Duration: 4-5 h

Download the GPX Route

Kersten's Route

Distance: 100 km
Elevation: 400m
Duration: 4-5 h

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Carsten's Route

Distance: 43 km
Elevation: 610 m
Duration: 1.5-2 h

Download the GPX Route

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