Rapha's Guide To Autumn Riding

Follow our guide for tips and tricks to stay on the road.

06 September 2017

Autumn can be one of the best times of year to ride a bike, but for many riding through the seasons can be daunting; short evenings and changeable weather often mark the time to hang up the wheels. Follow our guide for tips and tricks to stay on the road, and learn what to wear and how to wear it.

The Autumn Outfit

Conditions vary and the days can be unpredictable, so dress with versatility in mind. Here is one of our recommended outfits for riding in autumn explained from head to toe.

Begin With The Base

Layering is the best way to manage your temperature as the weather changes. Make sure you have options to layer up or down, starting with a good base layer.

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Keep Your Head

A shield from the rain, a buffer for the wind and a layer of warmth where you lose heat the most. Choose a cap or hat that reflects the conditions facing you.

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Warmers let you adapt to the conditions on the go. Keeping arms, knees and neck covered will help to ward off wind chill, but can be easily taken off if the weather heats up.

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Cover Your Shoes

A pair of oversocks can add a much needed boost to the warmth of your feet, offering extra insulation and protecting socks and shoes from the grime of Autumn roads.

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Principles For Autumn Riding

Autumn is a time of changing weather, and enjoying your ride fully demands preparation and a little know-how. Read our guides to get road-ready this season.

Riding Tips

Just because the conditions aren’t ideal, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ride. Here are some tips and tricks for riding in Autumn.

Add hot water to your energy powder in bidons for chillier starts to the day. Or take tea.

Lay out your kit the night before a ride – it’ll save you from scrabbling around for that missing arm warmer, or convincing yourself you don’t want to get out and ride.

Manage your body temperature before it’s too late. Layer up before you’re cold, and layer down before you’re hot.

Tape up the holes and vents in your shoes to help keep out cold air and moisture.

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