Crit Collection

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05 June 2018

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Crits are often run on the road but share little else in common with road racing; the battles are short scraps rather than week-long wars and the tactics favour the most technical riders. This collection is Rapha’s first designed specifically for the rigours of racing between the barriers.


Crits are made for the city; tight corners, short laps and frenzied fans. To reflect the speed of the racing and the surfaces of the road, the Crit collection features a unique, iridescent design.

Dual-layer pocket

A small opening allows you to slide your race number beneath the outer mesh layer, where it will still be visible, or pin it to the suit without damaging it.

Less is more

The Crit Aero Suit and Bib Shorts are cut longer in the leg and feature a streamlined single seam construction for speed and comfort.

Quick as a flash

Reflective applications on the shoulders and back of the Aero Suit and Jersey combine with the iridescent oil slick design to ensure you stand out even as the light fades.

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