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The world’s finest cycling clothing and accessories.

Café, rides, events, live racing.

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A cyclist’s home from home.

Rapha Clubhouses are inspiring meeting places for road cyclists and fans of the sport. Inside you’ll find a retail space stocked with the latest Rapha products, a café serving fine coffee and food, as well as an extensive programme of live racing, rides and events. Also home to the local chapter of the Rapha Cycling Club, our Clubhouses can be found in vibrant cycling cities around the world.


  • Berlin

    Handmade in Berlin: Rahmenbauer Cicli Bonanno

    Mit viel Hingabe und Präzision baut der Italiener Niccolò Bonanno in seiner Berliner Werkstatt unter dem Label Cicli Bonanno wunderschöne Rennradrahmen, die den Auftraggebern jahrelang Freude bereiten. Innerhalb der Reihe "Handmade in Berlin" stellt euch Niccolò seine Arbeit aus edlen Rohrsätzen im Rapha Clubhouse vor und ihr könnt ihn mit euren Fragen löchern.
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  • D.C. Pop-Up

    An Evening with Gerard Vroomen

    Join us at Rapha D.C. on Jan. 24 at 7 p.m. for an evening discussion that will delve into the theory of road bike design with Gerard Vroomen, co-founder of OPEN. Details and RSVP below.

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  • Taipei

    On Road Basic Training

    1/28 星期日1.00pm 至4.00pm 邀請到個人化運動指導的S.S.E. Interaction 進行第二場的基礎上路騎乘技巧教學,一月份至二月農曆年前將有三場實際上路教學,我們在Rapha Clubhouse Taipei 集合,出發至大佳河濱公園,我們再次請到廖歆迪教練以及Rapha Taiwan 員工與大家一起操作簡單且必須反覆練習的基礎技巧,歡迎初階車友來跟我們一同瞭解,也歡迎每個車友一同來與我們溫故知新。 約騎難度: ⭐️
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Rapha Pop-Ups take the Clubhouse experience to new places, bringing cyclists together to enjoy our coffee, browse the collections, take part in rides, events and more.

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Always on the move, Mobile Clubhouses are a regular presence at rides, races and events throughout the year.

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Find past-season and sample stock from across the product range, offered with significant savings, all year round.

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