Trip Difficulty

Our guides, soigneurs and mechanics will support every rider to go beyond their usual level of riding.

As the old adage goes, it doesn’t get any easier, you just go faster. That said, some of our trips are longer and more physically demanding than others. We’ve rated them on a scale of 1 to 5, but as all riders know sometimes the battle is against yourself and your own limitations. With our experience and expertise, we help riders achieve things they had previously thought were impossible.

All our trips are physically demanding, but some are harder than others. Retreats are designed to be rejuvenating, and riders are free to ride as much (or little) as they desire. Escapes are our new four-day excursions, with rides that cover a bit more ground, but rarely more than 120km in a day. Raids and Randonnées are best suited to experienced cyclists, and Cent Cols Challenges are physical tests of the highest order.


Cycling isn’t always about beating your best time. Sometimes you prefer to get away and unwind, take in the beautiful scenery and sample the local produce in one of Europe’s gastronomic regions such as Tuscany or Provence. Choose a punchy morning dash followed by an afternoon by the pool or a longer, leisurely saunter. It’s up to you.

A typical ride will last between three and four hours at a steady pace, with rolling hills or one big climb per day. Coffee stops are frequent and highly valued.

Trip types: Retreats


This is where the adventure steps up a gear. Our Escape trips, for example, allow you to cross one of the great climbs off your list and explore the best roads in the surrounding area, all in a long weekend. Enjoy the close support of the Rapha Travel team all weekend, and stay in one location for the entire trip.

A typical ride will last between five and six hours at a steady pace, with one big climb per day.


Tackle some of the most famous cols known to cycling and explore roads you never knew existed. Expect long, tough climbs as well as some tricky descents, surrounded by spectacular scenery and dramatic views. You can expect longer days in the saddle, safe in the knowledge that you will be supported from beginning to end.

Expect to ride from shortly after breakfast until the afternoon at a decent pace, with one or more long climb per day.


This is where the going gets tough. Our Randonnées and Raids offer longer, harder riding through more challenging and varied terrain. Expert assistance will come in the form of food, drinks, and moral support from the Rapha Travel team, and there will still be time for a coffee stop.

Expect to ride from the morning into the late afternoon at a brisk pace, with one or more long climb each day.

Trip types: Raids


This designation is for our hardest Randonnées, which also happen to be some of the most rewarding. You will be riding over challenging terrain, often in sparsely populated areas. Expert support will always be on hand, but these trips will require the fortitude to keep pedalling in tough conditions.

Expect to be riding all day at a brisk pace, with multiple long climbs each day.

Trip types: Randonnées


By far the toughest trips we offer. Serious training is required for these routes, which have been put together to challenge even the most capable riders. The Cent Cols Challenges cover ten cols per day, over ten days, often on unmade roads with steep climbs and highly technical descents to really push you to your limits.

Trip types: Cent Cols Challenge

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