Rapha's Guide To Winter Riding

Women's Guide To Winter Riding

As the old adage goes, summer races are won in winter. Read our guide for tips and tricks to riding through the season, and learn what to wear and how to wear it.

06 December 2017

If winter is the hardest time to ride, it’s also the most rewarding. Cold, crisp starts into low winter sun are worth getting out for, but challenging weather, short days and seasonal merriment can mean the bike is easily neglected.

The Winter Outfit

Clothing choices are critical in the cruelest weather. Here’s our recommended outfit for winter riding – from top to toe.

Brighten Up

Eye-catching colours and reflective elements on our overshoes help you to be seen throughout the day, and protect your feet from the cold and wet.

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Protect Your Eyes

Wet roads and low sun mean sight can suffer. Peaked winter hats shade your eyes and keep ears warm, while clear lenses protect your sight in harsh conditions.

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Layer Upon Layer

Make the most of performance fabrics by combining layers in the cold. Double up on base layers for insulation, and swap thermal bibs and leg warmers for warmer tights.

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Prepared For Anything

Check the forecast before you step out. In winter, it’s always worth carrying an additional lightweight layer like a wind jacket or a race cape. In a sudden squall, it pays to be prepared.

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Riding Tips

Just because the conditions aren’t ideal, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ride.

Take a packable waterproof jacket or gilet in case of showers.

Think about your ride type and dress accordingly – if you’re riding hard, it’s best to start cold.

Days are darker than usual in the winter. Fit a set of lights to your bike and use them when you ride to help stay seen.

Regulate your temperature before it’s too late. Layer up before you’re cold, and layer down before you’re hot.

If hot drinks are a boon in autumn, they really come into their own in winter. Take tea when you ride, or add hot water to your energy powder.

Mudguards make friends on bunch rides in winter. Fit a set and keep your feet and backside dry, as well as the faces of fellow riders.

Principles For Riding In Winter

Winter can bring the worst of the weather, but that shouldn’t keep us from riding. The right kit will keep you warm and dry, and the miles ticking by. Read our guides to get the best from the worst.

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