For many of us, finding a way to continue riding together can be a challenge. In partnership with Zwift, we’ve taken the Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) community online, offering group rides and training sessions to keep you riding together and connected throughout the year. On top of this, RCC members will be first to hear about athlete rides and events hosted by Rapha on Zwift.

22 March 2020


For years, the Rapha Cycling Club’s ride leaders have helped our members make the most of riding in their city. Now, they’re helping you unlock the potential of riding with RCC, wherever you are through Zwift. Join the weekly open rides to meet the community, check the member app for local meet-ups and join the Rapha_RCC Official Club to monitor your stats.



The signature stripes of our Club unite us on the road, and the same is true on Zwift. To unlock your virtual RCC Jersey, all you need to do is redeem the code from your welcome email and keep an eye out for fellow Rapha Cycling Club members in Watopia.

Unlock your kit


A few extra kilometres on the turbo trainer could pay dividends later in the year. To help you stay motivated, take a look at our Club kit and special editions, available to all members.

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