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    Rapha Manuals

    Getting started in road cycling.


    The first in a series of collectible editions to help you find your way in road cycling, this Rapha Handbook is full of practical advice from experienced cyclists and respected writers. Carefully collated by Guy Andrews and accompanied by the marvellous illustrations of Laura Quick, the handbook answers the frequently asked questions about how to get started in cycling. How to choose a bike? What to wear? How to fix a puncture? What’s a chamois pad? This book will be the antidote to much of what may be bewildering and help get you out on the road day after day.

    Details and Materials

    • 144 pages
    • Contributions from award-winning illustrator Laura Quick
    • Collectible Rapha Handbook
    • Dimensions (trimmed paper size): 20.5cm x 14.4cm

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