Mobile Clubhouse UK

Rapha Mobile Clubhouses will be supporting select rides and events throughout the season. Join us on the road for fine coffee, snacks and limited-edition products.



The sight of the broom wagon is rarely a welcome sight among racers, for it spells the end of their race. This is the van that sweeps up the stragglers, unceremoniously bundling riders and machines into the back, where they can reflect on their unsuccessful efforts. The broom wagon is today more often than not an air conditioned coach, but in previous eras of cycling it was traditionally a Citroën H Van with a broom tied to the back of it. The Rapha H Van enjoys a warmer welcome than the broom wagon of yesteryear. This is mainly because its role as harbinger of doom is over. These days the sight of the H Van by the side of the road means only one thing - a very warm welcome, a proper espresso and a great pastry to go with it. Visitors can also find specially chosen food to fuel the remainder of their ride, limited edition accessories and an emergency pump, inner tubes and tool kit in case of any mid-ride bother.

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