Rapha Guide To Staying Dry - Men's

For years, riding in the rain was a question of fortitude – clocking up lots of winter miles with soggy feet and a case of the shivers was a mark of a determined rider.

16 February 2020

What To Wear

Depending on the type of ride you’re planning, you’ll need to tailor your approach to dressing for the rain. Following the principles outlined below, we’ve taken a look at outfits for three very different wet weather riding situations: getting in the miles at a moderate pace, racing in the rain, and all-weather adventures.

01. Waterproofing

If nothing else, a waterproof jacket is essential. From our durable, water repellent (DWR) outerwear to the proprietary Shadow range, Rapha has your back.

02. Breathability

Carefully chosen fabrics from the world’s best mills are used in a range of garments that keep water out while remaining breathable.

03. Temperature regulation

Riding hard in the rain can leave you clammy and cold. Rapha’s wet weather products include laser cut ventilation holes to allow heat and moisture to escape.

Dry Miles in the Rain

The Main Attraction

Layers are crucial, but when the heavens open none of them are worth a thing without a quality waterproof jacket to protect you. Our range has jackets to suit all riders, from the staple Core Rain Jacket, which packs into a pocket, to the cutting-edge performance of our latest GORE-TEX jackets, built for the worst conditions.

Classic Rain Jacket II

A stowable shell that will keep you dry across a range of temperatures.

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Pro Team Race Cape

A waterproof, breathable, close-fitting jacket cut for training and racing.

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Pro Team Lightweight GORE-TEX Jacket

Superlight, breathable and waterproof for complete protection in the rain.

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Pro Team GORE-TEX Insulated Jacket

The ultimate waterproof jacket for the coldest, wettest conditions.

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A Warm Core

Keeping warm in the rain is of paramount importance, but it’s advisable to do so with a series of breathable layers. We prefer merino and merino-blends, such the Rapha Performance Merino 190 of the Classic Long Sleeve Jersey (a slightly heavier fabric weight than its short-sleeved cousin), which insulate the body while allowing excess heat and moisture to escape.

Classic Long Sleeve Jersey II

A warm and comfortable jersey made of a super soft merino-based fabric.

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Long Sleeve Merino Base Layer

A cold-weather training jersey for riders and racers looking to stay aero without freezing. Warm, fast, and reflective.

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Classic Thermal Bib Shorts

A winter version of Rapha’s award winning Classic Bib Shorts, featuring a warm Superroubaix® Endurance fabric and reflective Rapha logos.

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Spin your legs

You might feel the cold more elsewhere, but it’s crucial to keep your legs protected. The Pro Team Thermal Bibs and Tights have wind and water resistant panels, to keep your muscles warm and working hard in the worst weather. Warm legs work best.

Pro Team Thermal Bib Shorts

An extremely lightweight and packable outer layer designed for rain and wind.

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Pro Team Winter TIghts

Weather-protective cycling tights for training rides in the cold.

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Hands & Feet

Your hands and feet are the first thing to feel a change in temperature. As riders constantly move their feet, and the hands are used for signalling to other road users, Rapha’s overshoes and gloves have reflective design details with catch the light and the eyes of drivers.


Neoprene overshoes that insulate and protect the feet against the rain and cold. With updated grippers to create an improved seal and an abrasion-resistant Kevlar sole.

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Pro Team Overshoes

The movement of your feet makes them the ideal location for high-vis materials. These Reflective Overshoes are entirely reflective for maximum visibility.

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Pro Team Gloves

The Pro Team Gloves are designed for riders and racers requiring a full-finger pair for mild and cold weather. Using an improved Polartec fabric - the same as in the Pro Team Race Cape. Windproof and water-resistant.

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Classic Gloves

These durable, lightweight, full-finger gloves offer protection from the wind, cold and rain, and are made using minimal panels for maximum comfort.

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Racing in the Rain

Pro Team Shadow

Shadow was originally developed for Rapha’s world-class athletes to give them an advantage in the often cold and wet Spring Classics. The kit offers all-day protection in wide-ranging comfort, reducing the need to add or remove layers, so they won’t be fiddling with a jacket’s zip when the break of the day forms off the front. The advantages for an amateur racer are much the same – focus on your effort, not how wet and miserable the weather is.

The fabric is extremely water and wind resistant thanks to a unique manufacturing process. The yarn is coated with a water-repellent treatment and woven into a dense-knit fabric which is then dyed and shrunk, increasing its density and improving its water repellency and wind proofing. The fabric is then coated with another water-repellent treatment, making a garment that protects from the rain and wind at high speed.

Pro Team Long Sleeve Shadow Jersey

A wet-weather race jersey with Rapha’s renowned waterproof protection.

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Pro Team Lightweight Shadow Jacket

An extremely lightweight, packable layer for wet-weather protection when riding and racing.

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Pro Team Shadow Leg Warmers

Exceptional wet-weather protection for your legs, made from Rapha’s revolutionary Shadow fabric and worn by Team Sky at the Belgian Classics.

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