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On long distance rides, a rear pack is a practical place to store additional kit without it getting in the way. The compromise has always been that the swaying of a rear pack can upset the handling and balance of the bike. The new Explore Waterproof Rear Pack provides additional storage space when you need it and cinches tightly and securely to the saddle rails for stability on long rides.

Tested extensively on a recent Rapha shoot in Patagonia, the Rear Pack’s two-part design comprises of a dry bag and a rigid harness. Made of a hard-wearing PU-coated polyester, the dry bag is completely waterproof. Welded seams and a roll-up closure system keep water out while a one-way, downward-facing valve lets air out and enables you to roll the bag down small. The bag narrows gradually for a secure fit inside the harness, which is fixed to the seatpost using a durable velcro strap and to the saddle rails with two reinforced straps with a webbed design for added stability. An aluminium spine combines with a three-point strap system to cinch the upper and lower section of the harness together, compressing the dry bag and minimising bulk. Two tensioning straps are positioned on either side of the harness with a third at the rear which features a highly reflective finish for visibility on the road.

Please note, overpacking and stuffing may put pressure on the aquaguard zips and result in moisture transferring into the pack.

Details and Materials

  • Reinforced straps attached to the saddle rails
  • Thumb pulls at the end of tensioning straps for easy adjustments
  • Three-point webbing system compresses dry pack
  • Rigid harness construction prevents the pack from swaying
  • Durable velcro strap to fix to the seatpost
  • High density plastic in upper section of harness for extra rigidity
  • Max Volume of 15L
  • Weight (harness) 466g
  • Weight (dry bag) 147g




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