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Rapha + Rocket R58 Espresso Machine

A limited edition R Cinquantotto espresso machine handmade in Milan by Rocket Espresso. 1 of 100 made to order exclusively for members of the Rapha Cycling Club.
3.250,00 €

Some of our newest products are available exclusively to members of the Rapha Cycling Club for a period of time before general release. Other items, including the club's exclusive kit and a number of special edition releases each year, can only be purchased by members. To find out more about the benefits of membership and join the club follow the link below.

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  • Cycling and coffee are a classic combination. Handmade in Milan, the limited edition R58 espresso machine from Rocket Espresso ensures every ride gets off to the best possible start. To allow optimal extraction of any coffee type or roast style, the R58 features two independently operated, PID controlled boilers. Inclined boiler technology makes for precise group temperature adjustment and unrivalled levels of temperature stability. A high-grade rotary pump can draw either from the machine’s internal water reservoir or from a direct mains water supply. And for complete control at the swipe of your finger, all of the machine’s myriad functions are operated via a touch-screen display, now with an automatic on/off function to ensure your machine is always ready to make the world’s finest coffee.


Details on order process:

  • Every machine is built by hand, made to order and delivered within 12 weeks of purchase. You will receive an additional confirmation email from Rapha after your purchase, and an additional confirmation when your machine is ready to ship, complete with tracking link.
  • Your machine will be configured to use the recommended power socket and voltage for your delivery country provided at the time of your order. You can contact the RCC within seven days of purchase to amend this, but we are unable to amend your delivery address after purchase.
  • Your Rapha + Rocket Espresso Machine will be dispatched directly from Rocket Espresso in Milan - shipping and any applicable import duties are included in the purchase price. If you are asked to pay any import duties, please contact the RCC at who will liaise with Rocket on your behalf.
  • Each machine is built by hand and made to order. Cancellations and amendments are only possible within seven days of purchase, before Rocket starts to produce your machine.
  • Your machine will arrive on a wooden pallet in a custom wooden crate with a total weight of 55kg. As you prepare for your delivery, be aware that the crate measures 60cm high,56cm wide, and 40cm deep.
  • Please make sure this product is the only item in your basket. If there are any other products in your basket, you will not be able to checkout.

Details and Materials

  • Dual PID controlled boilers of 0.58 and 1.8 litres
  • 2.5 litre water reservoir or direct water connection option
  • Tank access at rear of cup storage
  • 2-litre internal water tank capacity
  • Semi-automatic operation
  • Commercial grade E61 type group head
  • No-burn steam and water wand
  • Rotary pump
  • Full stainless steel drip tray
  • Copper tubing with brass fittings and tubes
  • Stainless steel body
  • Stainless steel tamper
  • Two portafilter holders
  • Machine Size: 310mm wide x 440mm deep x 385mm high
  • Machine Weight: 29kg

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