Rapha in Maasmechelen

This summer, Rapha returns to Maasmechelen where we invite you to visit us and uncover some of the surrounding region’s finest riding. With a range of archive lines, the Pop-Up will stock everything you need to for riding in fine weather. And to help you make the most of your visit, we have compiled an itinerary of routes and challenges that showcase the region, including testing loops over the hills of Limburg.


1st July–16th August


Mon-Sun: 10am–7pm

8-9 August


Three Country Challenge


We challenge you to use your route planning skills to cross the border of three countries - Belgium, Holland and Germany - and crest a summit in each. We have a suggested route ready, but we encourage you to make your own. You can ride as far as you like and complete your ride over one or two days, as long as you start and finish in the same location. There will be a commemorative prize for each participant, along with awards for the best route, best picture, longest distance and most elevation gain.


Situated near the border with the Netherlands, the Pop-Up is a great base for exploring the Belgian Ardennes and the infamous climbs of the Amstel Gold Race. With the help of our local Rapha Cycling Club ride leaders, we have gathered our favourite routes, ready to be downloaded directly to your navigation device. Share your adventures on Instagram with #RaphaMaasmechelen and tell us what you think of the region.

Pop-Up Maasmechelen 50km

An ideal introduction to the region on car-free cycling lanes through Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen.

View the route

Pop-Up Maasmechelen 75km

An extended route through Hoge Kempen around lakes and rewilded natural parks.

View the route

Pop-Up Maasmechelen 100km

Test your legs on some of the climbs that make up the Amstel Gold Race.

View the route

Pop-Up Maasmechelen 130km

A more challenging version of our 100km route with even more bergs for your bucket list.

View the route

Pop-Up Maasmechelen 150km

Return to Hoge Kempen and circle the entire park on two of Belgium’s most famous cycle paths.

View the route

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