The Rapha Guide To Changing Conditions – Men

Enjoying your ride shouldn’t come down to a game of chance. Plan ahead, check the forecast and make sure you’re ready to cycle through the best and the worst of the weather with versatile clothing that allows you to be flexible.

14 February 2020
The Rapha Guide To Changing Conditions

Key Considerations

01. What’s in a pocket?

A lightweight wind jacket or gilet takes up little space but makes all the difference when the temperature drops.

02. Early Warning

Checking the forecast can be the difference between choosing oversocks to keep out a chill or overshoes to stop the worst of the wet.

03. Waterproofing

A durable water repellent (DWR) treatment features on all Rapha outerwear garments including the proprietary Shadow range, causing water to bead up and roll away.

What To Wear

Building from the base layer, Rapha’s collection of clothing and accessories follow the above principles to keep you riding in warmth, comfort, and style through the colder months. Here are a few key pieces for this season.

The Warmth of Wool

Rapha’s first jersey brought the wonders of merino-blend performance fabrics to cycling, and Rapha Performance Merino fabrics have kept natural fibres at the heart of the Rapha collection. Our merino-based warmers and accessories are naturally breathable, comfortable, and anti-bacterial, ready to bring a touch of warmth and luxury to rides in cooler temperatures.

Merino Arm Warmers

Arm warmers are a vital accessory for riding in changeable conditions. Rapha Merino Arm Warmers offer the natural performance properties of merino with trademark Rapha styling.

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A key accessory for chilly starts or changeable weather, leg warmers can help improve a rider’s performance in cold conditions. Rapha Merino Leg Warmers offer the natural performance properties of merino with Rapha’s characteristic styling.

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Merino Hat

Made from luxury merino wool, the Rapha Merino Hat offers much needed comfort in cold riding conditions. The natural fibre wicks sweat from the head to keep you warm and dry and the hat is fully reversible. Can be worn under a helmet.

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Build from the base

It’s hard to overstate the importance of quality base layers. They’re wonder garments, working to keep sweat off your skin in the summer, and insulating your core against cool air when the weather turns. Perhaps the biggest benefit is their ability to extend the range of your existing jerseys – you’ll have the option of reaching for a midweight jersey and Merino Base Layer on decidedly crisp mornings. And the allure of a soft, warm, layer of merino next to the skin means that you might find yourself pairing a Rapha Base Layer with your work clothes, too.


Brevet Base Layer

Tested at the toughest unsupported races, made to withstand day after day on the road. If you’re packing light to travel far, pick the Brevet Base Layer.

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Merino Base Layer - Short Sleeve

Elite cyclists know base layers are as flexible as they are necessary. Keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter, Rapha’s Merino under vests wick moisture superbly and are extremely odour resistant.

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Merino Base Layer - Long Sleeve

Elite cyclists know base layers are as flexible as they are necessary. Keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter, Rapha’s Merino under vests wick moisture superbly and are extremely odour resistant.

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Merino Mesh Base Layer

Offering exceptional breathability and moisture transfer, this lightweight merino-blend base layer is suitable for riding and racing year round.

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The Old Favourites

Cycling gloves, overshoes, and oversocks are the traditional markers of cool weather riding, brought out of hiding when the days get shorter and only retired from regular use once the Spring Classics have been and gone. Aside from keeping your feet warm, overshoes and oversocks keep your shoes looking fresh, leaving you one less thing to clean if rain visits your ride.

Classic Gloves

A wardrobe staple for cool starts and when the weather turns colder. These durable, lightweight, full-finger gloves offer protection from the wind, cold and rain, and are made using minimal panels for maximum comfort.

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Explore Gloves

The Explore Glove is lightweight and breathable, like a pair of mitts, but provides extra grip and crash protection for mixed terrain riding

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Neoprene overshoes that insulate and protect the feet against the rain and cold. With updated grippers to create an improved seal and an abrasion-resistant Kevlar sole.

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Reflective Oversocks

Robust and wind-resistant oversocks, introducing a pioneering reflective yarn for increased visibility.

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Be seen in Brevet

Changeable conditions can bring cool weather and rain your way, but it’s also worth considering how fast the light can disappear on a cloudy evening. The Brevet collection features signature stripes with bright colours and reflective materials to catch the eyes of other road users.


An insulating and extremely lightweight layer for cooler rides.

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Cargo Bib Shorts

A pair of bib shorts featuring easy-access leg pockets and made with lightweight, extremely water-resistant material.

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A pair of comfortable and reflective gloves made for riding from dawn until dusk.

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