Peak to Peak in the Pyrenees

Pushing progression through persistence with the new Fast + Light range from Rapha Performance Trailwear.

13 May 2022

In riding, as in life, you get out what you put in. That’s what pushes us to return, again and again, to mountain biking: the guarantee of a return on our effort. Through our time on two wheels, our limits extend. And as they do, so too do we.

In mountain biking, every turn is earned through repetition and practice, patience and progression. Every technical climb has a line through which it can be unlocked. Every gruelling ascent pays off with a transcendent descent (at least in theory). This is as close as we ever get to flying, and even in tougher times every challenge we encounter on the trail can be met with a solution.

When we’re riding, we are engaged in a constant state of discovery. During the long days of summer, we let our minds wander as we spin out the miles. We ride to the edge of our limits and occasionally find that our skills surpass even our greatest expectations.

All this and more we experienced recently on an unforgettable trip to the Catalonia region of Spain. Through the foothills to the peaks and high valleys of the Pyrenees, it was a ride laced with leg-burning climbs and ripping descents, loamy forests and endless vistas of some of the most beautiful ridgelines on this planet. A ride ridden in harmony with the natural landscape, during which we gave it our all, and we got it all.

On rides like these, one of the rewards is clarity, the opportunity to clear the mind and focus on the basics: drink water and keep pedalling. There are no shortcuts, no ride-arounds but we learn to push past our limits physically and emotionally. And this experience cannot be bought or sold – it can only be earned.

During the dog days of summer, we can’t resist those squeeze-every-last-drop rides when the yolk-yellow sun hangs high in the sky and the hazy trail stretches out before us. These conditions require preparation, for they can be brutal. Nature will take its toll on us, one way or another.

But these days can also be transformative. Long and carefree hours on the bike allow us to take our time exploring different line choices, sessioning each feature, and testing our limits of control. Those willing to confront the challenges will receive the rewards.

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