The Rapha Handbook series is the complete guide to life as a cyclist. Our earlier titles tackled the challenges of getting started and going on longer rides, now we head off-road. And who better to guide us than former British cyclocross champion, Helen Wyman? While Helen is best known for her cross accomplishments, this is a complete guide to every kind of ride from cross to gravel, trail riding and adventure rides. We explore how riding off-road can make you a more rounded rider, a better bike handler and improve your top-end fitness. There are helpful guides to help you dial down your kit. How do you find clothing tough enough for the roughest of rides and which tyres are best in the wettest, muddiest conditions? All the answers are in here, just in time for your first off-road foray.

Details and Materials

  • Illustrated by Laura Quick
  • Collective Rapha Handbook
  • Dimensions (trimmed paper size): 20.5cm x 14.4cm


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